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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Pelosi wins another term as House minority leader: GOP cheers

Rep.[rehensible] Nancy Pelosi (Duh. Calif.) was once again appointed to an EIGHTH!!! term as House minority leader after beating out Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan. This of course contradicts the whole idea of "moving forward" as the Democrats continue to run in place with their has-been losers.

Pelosi's win, 134 to 63 goes to show that the party is "coast-based" mostly located in large, highly liberal cities.

Pelosi said after the secret balloting that she was "exhilarated" but actually meant "exhausted" due to her tired, aging body taking its toll on her. She had accurately predicted that she would receive two-thirds of the vote.

And they say the GOP is the party of old, white men. 

She claimed that winning has brought "a special spring in my step," because it gives her the chance to "differentiate between us and the administration coming in January," but she avoided discussing how the incoming administration kicked the collective butts of the Demoocrats led by the 76-year-old Pelosi, a woman whose ideas are as fresh as that blue gooey thing you find stuck under an old car seat.

Ryan argued that newer lawmakers in the party need a bigger, fresher voice to represent them, instead of the old farts that currently do, but since Nancy is a nostalgic favorite, how could they vote for new ideas?

Anyway, it's good for the Republicans, and if Hillary decides that the three is her lucky number, that would be even better for the GOP's chances of a Trump two-fer.

Ohio Rep. Marcia Fudge, who backed Ryan, said his failure to beat Pelosi wasn't a failure. Of Ryan's loss she said, "We didn't lose today. We now have a leadership team that listens to us . . . Today we made our caucus more representative of our members," [where it previously only represented the Democratic elite like Hillary Clinton and her ilk].

When asked how she finds the energy to fight for the Democrats as hard as she does, Pelosi said, "Having Harry Reid chasing after me in my chambers keeps me spry."

Just joshing--earnestly.