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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Racist Bob Dylan won't meet with Obama

Folk rock and whatever he wants to sing singer Bob Dylan (aka Robert Zimmerman--no relation to George Zimmerman) to his credit, skipped the phony Nobel Prize in Literature award ceremony, and now he skipped the President Barack Obama "I know lots of important entertainers" ceremony to honor him along with other Nobel Prize winners. 

President Obama, you may recall, received the Nobel Peace Prize very soon after being sworn in as POTUS. Since that time, he has droned the crap out some terrorists while inviting others for tea and crumpets at the White House. 

White House spokes robot Josh Notso Earnest says "unfortunately, for those of you wondering, Bob Dylan will not be at the White House today, so everybody can relax."

And while Earnest said that Bob didn't give a reason, some speculate that, as an ardent Trump supporter who wants to make America great again, the singer would rather not pretend to enjoy the company of such a rich phony.

Democrats will now have the opportunity to label Mr. Dylan a racist.

Perhaps the reason he refused to see Obama is blowin' in the wind.