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Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Failed Narcissists: Vester Flanagan & the Liberals

Vester Lee Flanagan was a failed human being. Every job he ever held, he lost. Every person he ever dealt with, his anger pushed them away. 

Flanagan got revenge for his insane beliefs by murdering two former coworkers while they were doing a live broadcast, and he video-recorded his act of violence for posterity or some other insane reason. Within hours, Flanagan uploaded the death footage to his Facebook and Twitter accounts, depicting himself as some kind of hero of his revenge diary.

Vester was his biggest fan. His apartment attested to that in vivid detail with his press clippings, selfies and articles written about him. But that only implied he was narcissistic, not a raving lunatic.

There is no doubt that Vester was a very disturbed individual. He worked for various news outlets but didn't seem to gel at any of them and was being sacked by them all. The biggest reason was his anger problems and his inability to get along with people. Even his neighbors told the same story.

Now it's apparent he had been planning his revenge against the network for several weeks. The night before his cowardly attack, he sent a rabid, angry letter to ABC in which he self-described as a "human powder keg . . . just waiting to go BOOM!"

After he executed those two young WBDJ TV news crew people, he bragged about his cowardly actions on Twitter, claiming one of his victims made "racist comments to him," and the other made complaints about him to the network administration.

That's all it took for Vester to mete out a death sentence.

But if only he didn't have a 9mm Glock pistol, a weapon he legally purchased, those people would have never been killed. 

Vester would never have chosen any weapon other than a gun--not a knife, not a baseball bat, not his car. He would have just chalked up those unacceptable actions by those two targets as 'water under the bridge,' and he would have allowed them to live.

Not really.

Vester Lee Flanagan was a sick, angry man whose antenna was always up and ready to receive negative information about himself, and it would piss him off to no end. Vester was a very crazy, angry man. He would have found a way to kill Alison Parker and Adam West. That, unfortunately, is the sad, sad truth.

Gun control laws didn't work because they aren't perfect. They need to be made better regarding mental illness. The organization that is working the hardest to tighten them up with this category of people is the NRA, not the liberals.

In fact, if the liberals could, they would totally abolish the Second Amendment and make all guns illegal. And, as the saying goes, "When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns," will come true.

We will never be able to prevent crazy folks from doing crazy things like Vester Lee Flanagan did. Just last night, Darren Goforth, a Texas Deputy Sheriff, was murdered by a crazy black man because he was a white cop in uniform simply pumping gas in his patrol car.

The real problem isn't guns. That's like saying cars kill more people than terrorists, therefore we must ban cars. The real problem is the latest climate in this nation. The Al Sharptons, the Obamas, the Black LIves Matter idiots who get upset with an All Lives Matter comeback.

The real problem is that our nation has never been more divided than it is now, and intentionally so, by our divisive president. His motto must be 'divide and conquer.'

We are counting the days, Mr. Obama.