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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Suspected coward captured, mommy claims his innocence

The 'alleged man' suspected of killing Deputy Darren Goforth, a Texas county sheriff's deputy, has been captured by a SWAT team. The scumcrumpet was taken into custody at Pine Falls and Sunny Ridge in Harris County, Texas; they were led there by a tip.

Deputy Goforth, 47, was simply pumping gas into his police cruiser at around 8:30 pm when the cowardly dirtbag approached him from behind, firing at him, then added multiple rounds into his dying body. The bullets struck him once in the head and three times in the back.

Goforth died at the scene, the Harris County Sheriff's Office spokesman Ryan Sullivan told the AP.

No motive was known for the cowardly ambush but an educated guess, that is, a guess not inspired by liberal media sources, would be that it might have been due to the career Deputy Goforth pursued, and/or the fact that he was of the melanin-challenged race, that is, Caucasian. 

He was a 10-year veteran of the force and had a wife and two children.
Coward with a gun

Police described the suspect as a male with a dark complexion, about 5-foot-10 to 6 feet tall wearing a white T-shirt and red shorts. He was driving a red maroon pickup truck with an extended bed. They posted the killer's photos from the security camera at the gas station, on Twitter.

The cops arrived at the suspect's location on Crystal Lake in Copperfield around 2:30 am seeing the same red truck. It was later learned that the home belonged to his so-called mother, a woman who apparently failed in her child-rearing attempts. She didn't want to show her face but said, "My son is innocent. I was in the house with him, so when that happened, my son was home."

Fox News originally said that their local TV affiliate, KRIV, told them the suspect's mother had assisted law enforcement in the capture of her son. This turned out to be false.

Questions: how did she know when the shooting happened? Did the SWAT team let her in on the information, or did she see it on TV?

More questions: was this shooter inspired by Black Lives Matter? Will Al Sharpton get involved? Will those of Caucasian persuasion start rioting?