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Friday, August 28, 2015

Kim and Obama Two Sides of the Same Coin

George W. Bush may have not been the best president we've ever had, but he certainly wasn't the worst. At least "W" had a genuine respect and love for our military and in his tenure only fired 2 Generals in his two terms.

Barack Hussein Obama is a slightly different story.

It's almost as if Obama is trying to fire the top brass in the military to make room for the U.S. Green Energy Society and Dance Team. In a frightening 2013 posting on the  Investment Watch Blog, one can see how our so-called president is working feverishly to rid us of our testosterone-laden military leadership.

In 2013 alone, there have been 22 U.S. Naval officers fired. This has been going on since Obama's rule began, just when the word 'patriot' would get a liberal's child a mouth-washing with organic soap.

Some of those military leaders Obama felt were unable to perform their duties, up to his satisfaction, have over 25 years of service with awards and honors that Obama wishes he had to go along with his "Nobel Prize for Being Elected While Black."

On the other side of the "Divide and Conquer Coin" is North Korea's cherubic Morohna, Kim Jong Un, who also gets rid of his military leaders if they don't agree with him, have bigger testicles, or fall asleep when he drones on about his sexual conquests with a factory worker-slave.

Falling asleep can get a General killed in the most miltary way--being blown up by field artillery.

Kim recently dismissed several top dudes after the recent posturing between him and South Korea, the media reported on Friday. The personnel changes seem to suggest that Kim was holding these officials responsible for the confrontation that "developed in a way he did not expect," reported the AP. 

The North and South Koreas threatened military strikes before they finally agreed to measures to reduce the anger, which again began when Seoul resumed loudspeaker propaganda broadcasts after two of their military were allegedly maimed by S. Korean land mines.

The broadcasts were, for the first time in 11 years, critical of Kim's authoritarian rule and totally pissed off Pyongyang who threatened to destroy the loudspeakers with sophisticated high-powered death machines.

N. Korea denies having planted the land mines and ISIS wasn't around to take the credit, thus the South pointed fingers at the only enemy within range.

So while Pyongyang gave no reasons for the military dismissals, some believe the reaction by the South rattled Kim's delicate cage causing him to have a severe and thunderous volley of air bagels (see Urban Dictionary). 

Kim is as fearful of personal criticism as he is of gerbils in his toilet, believing that any negative criticism of the fearless leader would weaken his leadership and give his nation of prisoners second thoughts.

But Obama is no Kim Jong Un, you gotta give him that. 
How Obama sees the military

Obama isn't upset with the military for screwing up, as Kim seems to be. No, Obama is upset because our military doesn't screw up and is a strong force that gets the job done (when they're allowed to do so).

Obama is upset with military leaders when they tell him he's wrong about his pusswat tactical decisions (see Urban Dictionary). Instead of discussing alternatives, or making his case, Obama fires the opposition.

This is why the liberals are making our nation and the world less safe. The Iran deal is the best example of this.