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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

"US as bad as ISIS" says UK's Corbyn

He's not just a leftist and hater of free enterprise and private ownership, he's a vegetarian and now a contender of the UK's Labor Party (although they tend to spell it "Labour"). 

I'm talking about Jeremy Corbyn, a Putin-loving asshat who compared U.S. troops to ISIS. He's even more of a dhimmie than David Cameron.

 Corbyn is leading the campaign to take over Britain's Labor Party and people there are as attracted to him as flies on poop.

When the Labor Party lost the general election in May under Edward Miliband who later resigned, many figured that this left of center party would move back to the right, but they were wrong. Corbyn is now a top contender backed by the trade unions and a coalition of activists of various age groups.

This will likely have an impact on the relationship between the US and UK. I imagine Obama will cream in his jeans having another socialist buddy to commiserate with, but I don't see how it will improve relationships with normal Americans.
Corbyn compares us to those who
did this

Corbyn, like Donald Trump, has 53% approval while his nearest rival has 21%. Voting ends September 19th and results are expected on the 12th. If Corbyn wins, he will be the leader of the opposition party in Parliament and if Labor wins a majority in Parliament, the guy could become the Prime Minister.

"I think Americans should have the same concern as British audiences," says Dan Hodges, a former Labor Party adviser. "Jeremy Corbyn, if he does win, will become the most hard-left leader of a major political party in post-war British political history."

Hodges also warned, "Ideologically, he is someone who leans more toward Moscow than Washington."

In an interview on Russian television last year, Corbyn blamed the problems in Iraq on "Western meddling," and compared our troops to ISIS.

"Yes, [ISIS troops] are brutal, yes some of what they have done is quite appalling, likewise what Americans did in Fallujah and other places is appalling," Corbyn said.

Putin welcomes Corbyn's election. So too does ISIS, I suspect.

What does this mean?

First it probably means that Corbyn has never been to Fallujah or even set foot in an active war zone, otherwise he would have never given moral equivalency to ISIS. 

ISIS hangs gays
Of course war is a dirty, horrible business, and yes, some people on both sides of a war do things that go beyond the bounds of being justified. But ISIS is expected to kill infidels, children, apostates, gays, and all those people Corbyn pretends to represent and who are too ignorant, at times, to be aware of the truth regarding ISIS.

Secondly it means that the US can no longer expect the UK to "have our six" when it comes to Russia, even when it comes to sanctions for their behavior in Ukraine. Clearly a Corbyn-run UK will not support us in our efforts in the Middle East and will likely not support Israel's right to exist.

Thirdly, what it means to the UK is the fact that Corbyn wants to raise taxes and domestic spending and reintroduce the calls for state ownership of all industry, much like Bernie Sanders might try but will fail, just as Obama did.

Jeremy Corbyn is so insane that back in 1984 he invited Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams to Parliament, merely 2 weeks after Adams' IRA killed 5 people and maiming dozens more at a hotel where then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was staying.

Corbyn is so insane that he wants to scrap the UK's nuclear deterrent program and withdraw from NATO. He also welcomed Hamas and Hezbollah to Parliament and referred to them as "my friends."

This man is a danger to the country he might lead. And he isn't even a Muslim.

And he isn't even Barack Obama.