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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Very Expensive Golf Balls and Goofing Off

Hey, President Obama deserves a vacation just like we do. Really.

So why is he not taking vacation just like we do? Don't we just have a few weeks off a year to recharge our batteries? Don't we spend money, sometimes even a few thousand dollars to unwind, especially now during tax season? 

Barack Obama is simply going to sunny Florida to play some golf in his big boy shorts and all it's costing him is .  .  .  nothing. 

Air Force One costs about $228 thousand an hour to operate and that's more tax money you and I will pay in our lifetime.

Barry is absconding to the Treasure Coast of Florida for the weekend, spending it in Palm City. He will golf at the (par 71) Floridian National Golf Club, with its 18 holes and grass with a better manicure than Michelle's toes. 

Barry will be able to take in exquisite views of the St. Lucie River, surrounded by a natural preserve and wildlife while simultaneously taking our tax dollars to cover the cost. Who's got it better than him? He's got about 220 rounds of golf since screwing up the reputation of the country.

He will forgo the Arab League meeting in Egypt, slated to back the coalition comprised of Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia that is invading Yemen. So what if this causes a Sunni-Shia clash that stands to do a lot of damage to the Middle East? Barry needs to blow off some tension, or something. 

He will not worry about Lurch Kerry in Lausanne, Switzerland doing the Iranian appeasement-capitulation campaign to ensure that Iran is happy and the 12th imam makes his grand entrance into the world.

Why worry when Obama has the best of the best, like Susan Rice as his National Security Advisor? Didn't she make the call about Bowe Bergdahl?