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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Running With the Snakes

Doing his rabbi imitation
He tried, he failed, and in the process he looks even weaker than ever before. Obama's effort to build international support to destroy ISIS morphed into a kerfuffle with Iran's Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Now Iran has as much probability of helping us as Jihadi John has of winning the Nobel Peace Prize. 

What am I saying? If Yassar Arafat could win the Nobel after killing Israeli athletes, and Obama can win one after only a handful of days as president, and Al Gore could win one with his baffling the country on faulty science, why not Jihadi John?

But I digress.

So the Ayatollah went on Twitter to tell his 'tweeple' that he has rejected our offer to help thwart the ISIS terrorists. Even John "Swiftboat" Kerry couldn't get the spiritual leader of Iran, a Shi'ite country, to fight against their arch religious rivals, the Sunni.

In one of several tweets, the Ayatollah wrote: "I reject US efforts to #Iran abt #ISIS because US has corruption on its hands in this issue" #GoNYJets

State Department spokesgirl Jen Psaki (pronounced "duh") "It is not a secret that we have had discussions with Iran about the counter-ISIL efforts in Iraq on the margins of our P5 +1 talks on the nuclear issue."  What is a secret, she did not reveal, is the identification of the person responsible for pushing the Benghazi video.
Hashtag attack

Psaki added: "We are not and will not coordinate militarily," which is State Department code for: "We have and we will coordinate with Iran militarily." Or maybe this time the State Department is telling the truth, but you must remember that our president, Valerie Jarrett, was born and lived in Iran during her formative years.

The Ayatollah was released from the hospital on Monday, where he was being treated for rectal-cranium impaction. Doctors successfully removed the cranium from the orifice and a full recovery is hoped for by jihadists everywhere a Shi'ite strives to take the world back to the Seventh Century.

To clarify the obfuscation dissemination perpetrated by the Obama administration, John "Lurch" Kerry said that we won't shut the door on working with Iran, but not militarily. "Iran can be our neighbor if they are willing to share the world stage of nuclear proliferation treatment facilities in toto, along with Sunni apologists who Joe Biden."

Or something along those lines. My mind tends to wander whenever he speaks and all I can think about is why can't I see his scalp along the part in his "hair."