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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Leader Appeasers Obama and Cameron

The biggest difference between Barack Obama and David Cameron are their accents. Cameron's is British balderdash, Obama's is American bull crap.

Within 24 hours after the beheading of David Haines, a British aid worker, Cameron practically echoed Obama's cliched nonsense concerning Islam, claiming Islam is a religion of peace.

How absurd. Where is the proof historically? Where is the proof exemplified in Islamic behavior and attitudes? Where is the proof that Islam is a religion of peace in their scripture after accounting for those Koranic verses that were abrogated by the latter ones that are violent?

Why are these leaders/appeasers saying this nonsense?

Obama made the case that more Muslims are killed by other Muslims than they kill non-Muslims. Does that make you feel any better? Does this show you that Islam is a religion of peace? Well, yah! The dead ones are peaceful.

"David Haines was a British hero," Prime Minister Cameron said. "The fact that an aid worker was taken, held and brutally murdered at the hands of ISIL, sums up what the organisation stands for."

And what does this "organisation" stand for, Mr. Cameron? They stand for and represent the jihadist drive for a world caliphate, where Islam reigns over all other religions.

"They are killing and slaughtering thousands of people, Muslims, Christians, minorities across Iraq and Syria," Cameron said of ISIS. "They boast of their brutality. They claim to do this in the name of Islam. That is nonsense. Islam is a religion of peace."

Sorry Dave, you have it backwards and you sound like a man talking through the exit of his nether regions.

The facts speak for themselves.