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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Troops in Boots on the Ground

General Martin Dempsey said that if president Obama's plan to destroy ISIS doesn't work, (and he said that he believes it will, but I'm not so sure his fingers weren't crossed) he would go back to Barack and make his case to actually have troops with boots on the ground.

The military is saying one thing and Obama is saying another--that we will not, under any circumstances, have boots on the ground. This is his way of showing the enemy that he is not someone to be trifled with--he is someone to be totally laughed at. And that is what ISIS is probably doing.

 In order to win, however, there is no doubt that we must use ground troops. If we use the Syrian rebels, they will not get the job done and will likely be as effective on destroying ISIS as aspirins are on curing cancer.

But Ebola is a different story. 
Tag, you're infected

Obama will deploy boots on the ground to Liberia where the spread of Ebola is getting progressively more serious. He plans to send 3000 troops to do the job, which is a good thing.

So far, Ebola can only be spread by actual touch of the victim. This may give ISIS the idea to use a new strategy, perhaps one they will call "Suicide Tag."