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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Syrian Rebels Saving US?

Congress has just given approval for the United States to arm and train the Syrian rebels so they can go and fight ISIS for us instead of our taking the reigns of this wild ride ourselves.
Standing are the folks
we're going to arm 

These are the same folks Obama referred to as farmers and pharmacists. These are the same folks who met the enemy and ran, leaving their American made weapons behind so they wouldn't be slowed down. These are the same folks Obama is putting his trust in to protect our national security--they will be our surrogates.

On the positive side, the New York Times does not trust that Obama will fulfill his oft made promise not to send US troops on the ground. Let's hope their concerns come to fruition--it doesn't take a military genius to know that we need Americans on the ground leading the fight against this evil pond scum.

Still, Obama refuses to call it a war and refuses to call them what they are: Islamic terrorists, or Islamic extremists.

So now he is willing to give sophisticated weapons to these unvetted, so-called "moderate Muslims" whose track record is to make tracks when the going gets tough. What makes anyone think they will never use them on us? But in any case, it's going to take anywhere from 6 months to a year to train these dudes. By that time ISIS's numbers will have grown from 30 thousand to only Allah knows.

Merf & his Muslima wife
The idea that the ISIS threat is not coming to North America is ludicrous. It has come in the form of Merfed Elfgeeh, in Rochester, New York. Merf, as his mother calls him, was recruiting for ISIS and had a clear plan (unlike Obama) to kill American military men. He was born in Yemen and needs a bath.

On September 10th, just one day before September 11th (for those of you not counting) four Muslim jihadist folks tried to illegally cross the Mexican border into the US via Texas. They were caught and nothing happened. So much "nothing" in fact, that none of the left-leaning media reported on it--another non-story.

Look, last year about 466 thousand people came across our southern border illegally. Out of these folks, 13 were Syrian, 6 were Iraqi, and 4 were from Iran. Now I'm not racially profiling--oh, wait--yes I am. I think this makes a good case for border security, don't you?

With only 6% of our border secure, it's only a matter of time that ISIS will be demanding we provide them with Food Stamps.

And knowing what I know, Obama would oblige.