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Sunday, September 21, 2014

ISIS on the Move as Thousands Flee for their Lives

ISIS forces are gaining ground and have mounted a large offensive with heavy armor pushing through the Kurdish region of northern Syria, located close to the Turkish border in a concerted effort to capture Ayn al-Arab, a strategic border town. More than 60 villages and towns have already fallen over the last several days to these orthodox Muslims. Blood is being shed and people are fleeing for their lives.

In this mini-apocalypse, waves of frightened refugees have streamed into Turkey. There have been over 60 thousand women, children and elderly folks that passed through the border from Friday to Saturday and Turkish resources are being
stretched beyond belief. 

To deal with this problem, president Obama will send 3000 military personnel into Africa to battle the Ebola virus.

In the meantime, some Kurdish forces are falling back from the battle with ISIS but some Kurds are working their way to the front to join their comrades.

It almost seems as if ISIS, by pressuring the Kurds, is testing Obama in what his policy and strategies will be in Syria. As it stands now, I don't believe they'll have to worry very much since Obama doesn't seem to have a policy or strategy for Syria. As much as the Kurds beg for help, it doesn't seem to be coming any time soon, not from us nor the international community.

One thing seems certain: this is going to be a real test of Obama's ability as Commander in Chief. He claims the title often enough but so far he hasn't really earned it.