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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Truth to Power?

It's weird to think that the American people are being kept in the dark about which 40 countries have offered their support to fight ISIS, but it's okay for the president to let ISIS know what our strategy is going to be regarding "boots on the ground."

Samantha Power, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations revealed that we have 40 countries behind us, but would not name them. "It's up to the individual country," she said to ABC's "This Week."

We don't have a clue whether Egypt, Turkey, Qatar (pronounced "cutter") will join in airstrikes, but France joined in airstrikes last week and took out an ice cream truck possibly carrying vanilla cones with variegated sprinkles. The Syrian airstrikes are currently an Obama pipe dream.

The Saudis have offered to train troops and are willing to use their strategic magic carpet force for surveillance.

Samantha Power (her friend calls her "Sam") predicted that we "will not do airstrikes alone," and said that to destroy ISIS would take "several years." She did not say that in several years ISIS will probably once again change its name to something more formal like "The World's Biggest Caliphate So Far," and have far more terrorists on board who will go on killing innocent people.

Turkey sits along the Iraq-Syrian border but has not agreed to help in anything beyond "a humanitarian effort." They are, as I write this, learning the words to "Kumbayah." Power did mention that Turkey has closed its Syrian border because Obama scared them into it, or something as preposterous. 

Turkey was loath to help against ISIS because they were holding 49 Turkish diplomats captured in June, but has since let them go yesterday.

Over the weekend, the Turks had a little kerfuffle with Kurdish refugees along the Syrian border. They were simply trying to escape ISIS and the Turks seemed to have other plans. 

Maybe we should vet Turkey.

Power told NBC that we are not having problems "getting countries to commit," to fight against ISIS and their sudden rise to power (yes, it only began 5 years ago but it seems like only yesterday). But Sam was crystal clear that we will not share intelligence with Iran nor join the rogue country in a combat effort, but we trust that they will not develop nuclear capabilities.

She voiced surprise to reporters when she revealed that she had just learned that unicorns don't exist.