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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Obama's "Boys" in Syria and Iraq

So president Obama's testicles have finally descended a little. He has launched U.S. airstrikes in Syria in what is being called a "sustained campaign" against ISIS and has a small coalition of Arab states who are willing to fly air missions but not put "boots on the ground" with military personnel inside those boots.

What seems odd about this airstrike is that it looks like the U.S. has gone out of its way not to kill any members of ISIS. Instead, we have targeted buildings late at night when ISIS is fast asleep dreaming jihad dreams of blood and heads on posts. We could have attacked these bastards during daylight--they have no air defense.

But now Obama has serious challenges to think about. 

First of all, should he call this thing a war? We have a war on women, a war on the weather, and a war on poverty. We are losing the latter; we are fighting shadows trying to fight the weather; and the war on women is actually a nonsensical Democratic attack on the GOP because people are tired of the race card attacks.

Maybe the Democrats need to call in the heavy guns to fight the real war on women. Oh, wait, they already have--it's called the United States military complex and the enemy they are fighting are the Islamic radicals--pigs who are waging a real war on women. You know, the guys who kill women for showing their wrists in public. So yeah, Obama should call this a war.

Peter King, (R-NY) said, "The fact is, Islamic terrorism is out to destroy us . . . and the war is only going to end when they are defeated." By 'defeated,' I hope KIng means annihilated. This Islamic stuff has been going on since Muhammed was doing a 9 year old girl and calling her (Ayisha) his wife.

So far these airstrikes seem more like a pyrotechnics show than a real war. We are making lots of noise but until we can force these religious serial killers into a defined area and take them out with air power, they will continue to fester like puss pimples on a liberal's butt. 

Obama's second concern needs to be the cost of this war. When the money comes from other pockets than his, he'll spend like a drunken sailor. Usually, however, the spending isn't on defense but on social welfare programs and the like to line the pockets of his campaign contributors. 

Ground troops will be absolutely necessary to win this war. Obama needs to decide how many troops, who will supply them, and how many are needed to destroy those religious Muslims. After all, he is our Commander in Chief--he has said this to himself in the mirror every day, I suspect. But this is the guy who salutes Marines with a cup of chai tea. Disgustingly disrespectful of our military.

Obama needs to deal with Congress on this one. Sure, he has the power (with him the word 'power' is an oxymoron) to go it alone for a few months, but he is going to eventually be required to get their approval because they control the money. Thus far, nobody seems to know how much money is going to be needed, but I bet it's more than I make in a year. Actually, one estimate puts it at around $1.5 billion a month, and that's without leaving a tip.

Now it's time for Obama to get real about this situation. There are those on the left who don't think we need to worry about ISIS. These are often the same people that those of us on the right end up having to defend with our service.

But to think the Iraqi forces can handle ISIS and in effect ensure our national security is just a Choom Gang pipe dream. Just today it was announced that they were overrun by ISIS in their compound when they allowed Humvees to enter which contained suicide bombers. Many were killed and up to 500 Iraqi "soldiers" are missing. That may end up being a lot of video for their propaganda. I certainly hope not, but it proves that the Iraqis are not the people to put our hopes in--we will need to do it ourselves.

I just hope Obama's testicles descend in time.