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Friday, February 24, 2017

Mom shamed by school for cake in daughter's lunch box

First they nastygrammed about a kid's school lunch, then they nastygrammed about his dirty underwear. When will it stop?

An Australian nastygram has gone viral.

A mother, who obviously loves her 3-year-old daughter, put a slice of chocolate cake in her school lunch bag. How horrible!

The cake set off an alarm, flagging the delicious desert as a violation of the school's mandatory healthy foods policy. The cake was flagged in the shuddersome "Red Food Category," which lists foods "that may contain excess energy (kilojoules), saturated fat [Michael Moore], added sugar and/or salt."

The mother discovered how terrible she was when her daughter returned home with a note from the teacher that was topped with a sad face and said: "Your child has chocolate slice from the Red Food category today. Please choose healthier options for Kindy."

'Kindy' refers to kindergarten in Australian.

A friend of the warned mommy, Melinda Tankard Reist, (who is also an author and advocate for women and girls) went on Facebook to support her friend. She posted a photo of the note and wrote: "My friend (mother of 8 healthy children, what follows relating to no. 7) received this today from her 3 year old's kindy. I told her to put in two slices tomorrow and tell them to get lost."

The post received hundreds of shares and over 800 comments.

One commenter wrote: "I'm quite sure the mother knows it has sugar . . . the mother is NOT in kindergarten . . . the teacher is chastising the parent here! Plus makes the child feel bad . . . shame on the teacher . . . it's not every day I am sure."

Another wrote: "Perhaps tell them that they are breaching our privacy by looking. Quote privacy legislation--no right to judge my lunchbox."

Today it's the lunch boxes . . . tomorrow, our skivvies. It must end now!

Caitlyn (Bruce) Jenner upset with Trump over having to use the boy's room

Caitlyn (Bruce) Jenner is angry with President Trump on his reversal of former president Obama's directive that men who think they're women, and women who think they're men, can use the bathroom of the gender they think they are.

Jenner who is a man based upon the biological definition of what constitutes a given gender, thinks he's a woman because he had his penis surgically mutilated by a doctor and shaped into something resembling a labia etc., etc. We refer to these people as 'transgender' individuals and it has become politically correct to pretend they are the gender they 'identify with' rather than trying to get them the help they need to deal with the gender dysphoria.

So Bruce (aka Caitlyn) Jenner wants the right to use the girls' bathroom in public schools and so do other men who say they 'identify as a woman.' 

I'm with Trump on this one.

Mr. Jenner addressed President Trump in a video he posted Thursday. "From one Republican to another, this is a disaster."

The Trump directive told public schools to end the Obama directive to let transgender students use bathrooms and locker rooms of their chosen gender. For some reason, conservatives and others don't believe anyone can actually choose a gender, but that it's assigned to us at birth.

Jenner, who in 2015 openly announced that he thinks he's a woman and plans to take surgical steps to affirm this to himself, is quite critical of Attorney General Jeff Sessions. "Apparently even becoming attorney general isn't enough to cure some people in their insecurities."

Apparently, even being a famous Olympian isn't enough to cure gender dysphoria. 

Thursday, February 23, 2017

They tried protests, now they'll try magic against Trump

"Bubble bubble, toilet trouble"
It was bad enough when protesters participated in Women's Marches, the Day Without Immigrants. Then there are the town hall meetings and the paid Soros hecklers.

Now it's getting serious. 

Now the freaking witches are getting into the act against President Donald Trump and they have potions and big pots with eye of newt and gingrich too along with buckets of Hillary fan tears and an orange lock of hair.

A Facebook page announced that the ritual of witches will be the first of many "to be performed at midnight every waning crescent moon until Donald Trump is removed from office."

And as the liquid from the magic potion returns to the sky, new Hillary fan tears will fill the pot back to the brim. 

The crescent moon lunatics which used the hashtag #magical resistance, plan to gather a minute before midnight on Friday at Trump Tower in New York City. They are currently in the process of determining whose timepiece they will use to mark the exact moment to do their magic.

The famed "Egyptian Magician" will not be in attendance, nor will the Jerky Boys.

Michael M. Hughes, "an eclectic [eccentric] magician" who wrote the binding spell for the event, but has yet to win the New York State Lottery after years of trying, said he heard that folks from near and far want to participate. He has even received messages from South Africa, Portugal, Denmark, and of course, Mexico. 

Hughes believes the turnout for the magical event will reach in the thousands, but if he's counting on the Mexicans for a big turnout, Trump may have something to say about that.

Hughes said the ritual isn't a curse nor intends to harm the President or his administration, because he fully knows that if this were the case, his magic butt would be in jail. Instead, Hughes said, it's "a way of restraining him from doing further harm," and help others feel powerful against him.

Thus far, Mr. Trump's harm has come from his nominating Neil Gorsuch, a conservative justice to the Supreme Court; defending the Constitution by upholding the immigration laws; nominating and getting confirmed for his Cabinet: Betsy DeVoss, James Mattis, John F. Kelly and others with conservative views; and undoing former socialist President Obama's executive orders.

That isn't harm; it's what presidents of opposing parties do, just like they 'clean house' of past administration people in government jobs that presidents assign.

But I digress.

Hughes practices a boatload of magical traditions including Greco-Egyptian, folk, African-allied and contemporary rituals. He is also adept at finding coins in the ears of children.

Hughes said that he will come prepared with business cards. He does parties, Christenings and Bar Mitzvahs and his fees are quite affordable.

Let's face it--Hughes hopes to clean up after this event, unlike the dirtbags at the North Dakota pipeline protest. 

American majority support immigration restrictions & wall

Blocking traffic for Allah
A new poll indicates that a majority of voters support President Trump's executive order that temporarily halts immigration from 7 terrorist-spawning countries and want fewer refugees coming into the U.S. overall.

The poll was conducted for the Harvard Center for American Political Studies by the Harris Poll company. The poll is co-managed by Mark Penn, a Democratic pollster,

It was found that 51 percent of polled individuals want the U.S. to accept fewer than the current 100,000 per year that Obama wanted to import. The Trump administration's plan sets the number at half the Obama amount.

Fifty-three percent also support Mr. Trump's executive order banning all refugee resettlement from Syria and freezing all refugee resettlement for 120 days. 

Forty-seven percent of those polled oppose the new curbs on refugees coming into the U.S. according to Harris, but there was no data released to indicate the percentage of those who strongly support or oppose the curbs.

A regional judge's order (which was probably unconstitutional) halted Trump's refugee resettlement freeze but did not affect the halving of total refugee resettlement numbers. This action led to a mad dash into the U.S. from five of the seven terrorist-spawning countries. 

Thanks to this liberal judge, who will not be personally affected by his poor decision, 60.1 percent of refugees arriving since his ruling are from Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Syria and Sudan. Of the Syrian refugees, 99.6 percent are Muslims. Of the others, 55 percent are Muslims. 

This shows that the 45 percent non-Muslims who rushed here for resettlement do not think of this as a Muslim ban. 

The 500,000 refugees arriving in the U.S. since 2009 will cost the American taxpayers $4.1 billion for just this year alone. Breitbart News previously reported that "$4.1 billion can buy 10,677 new homes for $384,000 each, which is the average price of a new home sold in the United States in December 2016. Or it could buy 170,124 new autos for $24,100 each, which is the manufacturer's suggested retail price for a 2017 Chevrolet Malibu."

Sadly, most of the refugees are only capable of low-skilled employment and their presence here will take away thousands of jobs while bringing few useful skills.

A complete shutdown of all refugee resettlement would save us billions. They will continue costing us more in welfare and aid than they generate in taxes, according to uncomfortable facts, and cost us no less than $3 billion every year, not including the costs added on by the U.S. criminal justice system when they commit crimes and plot terror attacks.

The Trump refugee resettlement freeze has strong and broad support. A Feb. 8 Morning Consult poll found 55 percent of voters overall, supported the president's executive order. Of those, 82 percent of Republicans support it.

Another poll (McLaughlin & Associates) found 57 percent support a halt in order to implement better screening procedures.

Rasmussen Reports found 52 percent of voters favored a freeze on all refugee resettlement until the government can better screen out terrorists. Of this polling population, 57 percent were young voters.

The next big issue after terrorism will be which bathroom a person will be able to use depending upon the existence or absence of mental issues.

Standing Rock Protest Ends with a Burp

Wednesday was the deadline given by N. Dakota's Governor Doug Burgum for Dakota Access pipeline protesters to leave the Oceti Sakowin camp and maybe go find a real job.

About 100 apparently unemployed people remained at the location. Some lit "ceremonial fires" by torching structures within the camp. Some took "ceremonial dumps" on the sacred camp ground. But most of the protestors decided to leave and return to their uninteresting lives.

They marched away, playing drums and singing Kumbaya and stuff, on their final shuffle off to whence they came.

One protestor, when asked what's next replied, "I dunno. Maybe see if there's an occupy movement or something. There's lotsa things to protest about, man."

Around 5 p.m. EST, cops arrested nine hangers-on at a roadway near the camp. Burgum had previously spoke late Wednesday afternoon, warning that anyone who remained was trespassing and may be arrested.

The sheriff's department posted on their Facebook page that it received a report that two clever people were taken by ambulance to the hospital after being burned when protestors set fire to camp structures.

Protestors who left voluntarily were sent on their way by "amnesty buses" to a local family center.

The North Dakota Department of Human Services, Department of Health and Department of Emergency Services have coordinated efforts to provide taxpayer funded health screenings, food, bus tickets, gas cards or anything they could muster to get the protestors the hell out of there and on their way home to their respective basements.

The protestors did not clean up after themselves and made an enormous hypocritical environmental mess. "Was this what their mothers taught them?" one observer asked."They should be ashamed of themselves," she added.

Since the low information idiots arrived, the state has spent nearly nine million dollars policing up after them. Last year, 565 people were arrested in connection with the pipeline. Nine out of 10 demonstrators charged with a crime were from out of state.

On February 1st, an additional 76 people were arrested who tried to set up a new campsite on private land.

Law enforcement said the protestors used violence and also harassed them and their families, along with local businesses and farmers.

Although former so called president Obama was not at the sight of the protest, he was there in spirit. He had the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers deny a request for an easement needed for the pipeline's construction. But President Trump signed an executive order forcing the Army Corps to review that decision and now the pipeline is a 'go.'


Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Iran ready to give U.S. a loose-wristed "slap in the face"

Dubai -- A commander of Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps said on Wednesday that if we underestimate their defensive capabilities, that we should expect a "strong slap in the face."

And Iran should not underestimate the kick in the crotch they will get for trying to slap us in the face by preventing them from developing a nuclear weapon, which we know they will use to bring back their so-called Twelfth Imam.

President Trump has made it clear that we will get tough with Iran warning them after they performed yet another ballistic missile test on January 29th. He told them they were playing with fire and that all of our options were on the table.

Gen. Mohammad (can you believe it) Pakpour said "The enemy should not be mistaken in its assessments, and it will receive a strong slap in the face if it does make such a mistake." Pakpour, who sometimes goes by the nickname "Goat Chaser" for his playful antics with these animals, is head of the Revolutionary Guard's ground forces.

The Guard wrapped up three days of military exercises with rockets, tanks, artillery, and helicopters, a few weeks after Trump put the terrorist-funding country "on notice" over the missile launch.

"The message of these exercises . . . for world arrogance is not to do anything stupid," Goat Chaser said and was quoted by Tasnim, the semi-official news agency.

"Everyone could see today what power we have on the ground," he said. 

While there are mounting tensions with Israel, an analyst at Tasnim said Hezbollah, and Iran ally, could fire Fateh 110 missiles from inside Lebanon into Israel to destroy their Dimona nuclear reactor. Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah (his mother wanted to name him Mohammad) said that his slime-balls could strike Dimona.

If that should happen, President Trump will have Israel's back and that kick in the groin is gonna hurt Iran, big league.

Hannity adds to the list

Well, now Sean Hannity can add Libya to his list of Muslim countries where women can't leave the country without a male escort. The sharia pertains to females under 60 because all other females, from 6 to 59, are fair game for sexual assaults from Muslim men.

The ostensible reason they're giving for the ban is for "national [LOL] security reasons" and not for [LOL] religious ideology.

Rana Jawad of the BBC says it will affect all female passengers transiting through the east. And like the Marine Corps, it will affect the air, land and sea.

Libya is like two nations: one in the east and one internationally recognized in Tripoli, the capital. The eastern government is based in al-Beyda and the ban was initially enforced in the city's Labraq international airport.

A spokesman for eastern Libya's Chief of Staff, Abdulrazzak al-Naduri (his friends call him 'Razzmahtaz') confirmed the new religious measure to the BBC.

Razzmahtaz claimed that women representing civil society groups, are being used by foreign intelligence when they travel abroad, and it has "Nothing, I tell you nothing, to do with Islam, believe me."

Although the directive  (aka fatwa) was not voted for by the parliament, it has already been implemented in the east.

The travel restriction highlights the malignant political divide in Libya, with each side enforcing its own rules in their own areas they control.

Since the overthrow by NATO forces of Muammar Gaddafi in 2011, Libya has been in chaos, with eastern Libya controlled by Khalifa Hafter who currently is fighting different Islamic extremists.

Muslima Teacher Tweets 'Kill Some Jews'

Nancy Salem a Texas pre-school teacher has been suspended from her job at The Children's Courtyard for tweeting "kill some Jews." 

How sweet and what a wonderful influence she must have had on growing minds.

This was not the first time Salem was identified for expressing anti-Semitic and violent messages online. She is a member of the University of Texas, Arlington chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine and supports the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel. The previous tweet was: "How many Jews died in the Holocaust? Not enough . . . HAHAHAHA."

You can easily see the connection to the Students for Justice in Palestine with anti-Semitism and their violent intentions.  They don't want justice, they want dead Jews and the end of Israel.

Since the last incident, Salem's Twitter account has been disabled, but she remains a twit.

Rick Santorum, a CNN commentator and former Congressman was asked by leftist overachiever Chris Cuomo about his thoughts on anti-Semitism in the U.S. and its connection to the anti-Israeli movement here.

"If you look at the people who are responsible for a lot of this anti-Semitism that we are seeing, I hate to say it [but] a lot of it is coming from the pro-Palestinian and Muslim community," Santorum answered honestly.

Quick to make nicey-nice to the Islamic world, a world where anti-Semitism is taught [like the Palestinian 'Mickey Mouse' who hates Jews, for example] Cuomo countered: "I don't know that that is a fact, by the way . . . you have white haters, who historically target the Jews."

Of course Cuomo is correct, but that doesn't mean that Santorum is wrong. Cuomo sounds like an apologist for Islamic Jew-hatred that starts with the first prayer in the Qur'an, the al-Fatiha. It also doesn't say wonderful things about Christians either.

Santorum, who probably should have gone over to Fox rather than the Commie News Network said, "That's not what's going on on college campuses, Chris."

Then Chris drooled onto his lap.

Finger-sniffer & Dem. Rep. Maxine Waters calls Trump Picks "Scumbags"

Leftist finger-sniffer Rep. Maxine Waters (Duh-Calif.) appeared on leftist MSNBC and spoke with leftist Chris Hayes (gender unknown) about the Trump Cabinet and team picks

The low-information Democrat, who believed that Vladimir Putin invaded Korea, has lately been taking on the role of spokestard for the Democratic Party since the Clinton tear-jerking loss to the TV personality and real estate mogul in November.

Waters read off a list of people connected to President Trump's team who have connections to Russia and the oil and gas industry. Not one person on the list gave a cheap plastic 'reset' button to the Russian Foreign Minister, nor did anyone tell the Russian president that there would be more flexibility in Mr. Trump's next term (if that should be the case).

"I just think the American people need to know what is going on," Waters' babbled. "This is a bunch of scumbags. That's what they are. They're all organized around making money."

It's understandable how Waters would be upset over the money she accuses the Trump team people of making because her net worth is a blistering negative $15,000!

Her garbage mouth will not affect her standing in her political district, only with people who see her for who she is.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Le Pen sans hijab: take that, feminists!

A real feminist
France's populist candidate for President, Marine Le Pen, puts feminists like Gloria Steinem to shame. 

Le Pen is running for France's top political position on the right-wing National Front ticket and was in Lebanon this week. She was scheduled to meet President Michel Aoun, a Christian, and the nation's top Sunni Muslim cleric, Sheikh Abdel-Latif Derian.

Ms. Le Pen was told that women were required to wear traditional headscarves before entering the presence of the cleric, lest he lose control of his bladder or something worse.

She refused. After a few uncomfortable minutes between her staff and the sheikh's, she called off the meeting and left. She later said, "I consider the headscarf a symbol of a woman's submission. I will not put on the veil."
"I met the grand mufti of Al-Azhar, and the highest Sunni Authority didn't have this requirement, but it doesn't matter," she said. "You can pass on my respects to the grand mufti, but I will not cover myself up."
Some may think she was playing up to her home team but she seemed truly surprised and insisted that her team informed the mufti's staff the night prior to the intended audience that she would show up bare-headed, like a normal Westerner. The mufti people said she agreed to don the Islamic symbol of submission [but not in those words].

At present, Le Pen is ahead in the presidential polls and has long called for limits on immigration to France--many of whom are Muslims from Africa and the Middle East. 

This should strengthen her core support.

Coincidentally, on the same day this occurred, police arrested three Muslim suspects in southern France for plotting what they termed "an imminent terror attack," as is their wont. Perfect timing for Le Pen as that headline alongside her face-off with a Muslim pedoopadoop, reinforces her warning that France already has too many immigrants.

Various media organizations covered the incident very differently, but the AP quoted Le Pen, who spoke of herself in the third person: "I note that when Marine Le Pen refuses to don the headscarf, it is criticized, but when Michelle Obama refused to do it in Saudi Arabia, it was considered admirable."

No wonder journalism is dying faster than a moth trying to roast a tiny marshmallow.

Not a real feminist
Al Jazeera, a favorite media organization of Al Gore and funded by the ruling family of Qatar, wrote: "This was a trap and a set-up because she wanted to send a message to her own voters and supporters that she somehow refused to respect the local customs in a Muslim-majority country." 

When has Islam respected the customs of Western Christian-Judeo countries? And how does anyone really know the reason she had?

It wasn't out of disrespect in a 'Muslim-majority country,' it was a sign of her refusal to 'submit' as the word 'Islam' actually means.

Fun Fact: German Chancellor Angela Merkel refused to meet with Le Pen. Hopefully, that will signal the end of Merkel's political career.

Ironically, not one of the news agencies that reported on her visit failed to call her 'right-wing,' and true to form, not one of them called her a 'feminist.'

Bite it, Hillary voters!

ISIS suicide bomber was former Gitmo detainee

He went off half cocked

Abu-Zakariya al-Britani, a British detainee at the Guantanamo Bay Detention Center, is dead after blowing himself up in Iraq in a botched attempt to get to heaven.

Guess who claimed responsibility for the attack .  .  .  yes, ISIS did. The jihadist was praised by the Islamic State for detonating a vehicle loaded with explosives near Mosul where Iraqi troops are currently battling ISIS terrorists for control of the city.

Al-Britani, whose real name is Ronald Fiddler, has fiddled with explosives for the last time. He was a Brit seized by US forces in Afghanistan and sent to Gitmo in 2002. Unfortunately, the Islamic extremist was released in 2004 by the guy who said that "Islam is a religion of peace," former president George W. Bush.

Fiddler, 50, is from Manchester, England first become Jamal al-Harith, but he discovered that Harith colloquially means 'camel snot' in some Middle Eastern villages, so he changed it to Abu-Zakariya al-Britani.

Al-Britani (his friends call him "Boom Boom Abu") entered Syria in 2014, according to a BBC report. 

The Islamic State statement didn't say when the bombing occurred or whether anyone was hurt or killed except for Abu, which probably means the suicide mission failed to kill anyone but the idiot carrying it out.

Rest in pieces, Abu. Your 72 camels await you.

DHS memos signed by secretary give guidelines to deporting illegal aliens

Homeland Security Secretary John F. Kelly has signed new guidelines that give federal authorities sweeping power to more aggressively detain and deport illegal aliens inside our borders.

Kelly, in a pair of memos, provided specific detail on plans for the agency to hire thousands more enforcement agents and increase the pool of immigrants who are prioritized for removal. The plan also speeds up deportation hearings and has local law enforcement help make arrests. In other words, it actually upholds the law.

Kelly's directives would supersede almost all previous directives under the Obama administration and go beyond Obama's focus of only deporting hardened criminals and those with terrorist ties, unless they had already visited the White House.

In the guidelines Kelly stated: "The surge of immigration at the southern border has overwhelmed federal agencies and resources and has created a significant national security vulnerability to the United States."

He cited statistics from the Obama administration when ten to fifteen thousand additional apprehensions per month were made at the southern U.S. border between 2015 and 2016.

In order to prevent rioting by rabid leftists who see no problem with allowing anyone to enter the country, a White House official said the memos were merely drafts and are under review by their Counsel's Office, which is seeking some changes. The official, who spoke to Fox News on condition of anonymity because the process was not complete, declined to provide specifics.

President Trump announced plans in January that he would make good on his campaign promises to build the wall on the border with Mexico and increase enforcement action against the estimated 11 million illegal aliens trying to take American jobs or receive entitlement benefits they believe they are entitled to collect from U.S. taxpayers.

The Kelly memos are meant as a blueprint for DHS in order to formally establish new policies and direct agency staff to start following them. 

But many of the specifics for achieving the goals of Trump's executive orders still need clarification such as the funding situation. Kelly's memos direct federal officials to seek all available funding for the border wall, but the funds must be appropriated by Congress and will amount to over $20 billion.

Immigrant rights advocates said the memos mark a major shift in U.S. immigration policies by dramatically expanding the scope of enforcement operations. [Read: Immigration rights circumventors said the memos unfairly want to follow the letter of the law and that is bad for their business.]

The new procedures would permit authorities to seek quick deportation proceedings, which are currently limited to undocumented immigrants who've been in the U.S. for less than 2 weeks, to anyone who has been here for up to 2 years.

Mexican immigrants would also be immediately returned to Mexico who are caught at the border pending outcomes of their deportation hearings, which would avoid having to house them on U.S. property. That would save space and money for the government.

Unaccompanied minors would be deterred from entering the U.S. Over the last three years, there was a wave of around 155,000 unaccompanied minors who came here from Mexico and Central America. Under the new policies, their parents in the U.S. could be prosecuted if they are found to have paid smugglers to bring them across the border.

Joanne Lin, senior legislative counsel at the ACLU said in a statement that "due process, human decency, and common sense are treated as inconvenient obstacles on the path to mass deportation," obviously forgetting how liberals have been treating the U.S. Constitution as an 'inconvenient obstacle' and that the parents of unaccompanied minors should have the 'common sense' not to send their children here illegally and unaccompanied. She added: "The Trump administration is intent on inflicting cruelty on millions of immigrant families across the country."

That's one perspective. 

Another perspective is the fact that illegal immigrants are inflicting financial cruelty on taxpayers and are violating our laws. If we want to be a sovereign nation, we need borders and laws to ensure it. 

So far, it looks like President Trump is trying to fulfill his campaign promises regarding immigration. And that's a yooge reason he got elected.

Believe me.

Monday, February 20, 2017

'Flattop' USS Carl Vinson heads for South China Sea

She's a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier weighing 101,300 long tons; is 1,092 feet long; boasts two Westinghouse A4W nuclear reactors, 4 steam turbines and 4 shafts for propulsion, with a cruising speed over 30 knots; and her range isn't in miles, it's in time at 20 to 25 years! 

She's the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier with a crew of 6.062 sailors and air crew;  uses SLQ-32A(V)4 Countermeasures suite electronic warfare and SLQ-25A Nixie torpedo countermeasures; armed with two Mk57 Mod3 Sea Sparrows, three Phalanx CIWS; and two RIM-116 Rolling Airframe Missiles. She carries 90 fixed winged aircraft and helicopters.

And she's on her way to the South China Sea over the weekend, accompanied by a guided-missile destroyer for the first time since President Trump took office.

The USS Carl Vinson was joined by the USS Wayne E. Meyer and Carrier Air Wing 2.

During his confirmation hearing in January, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said China should be denied access to their man-made islands in the South China Sea. The Chinese installed runways on three of these islands and bunkers to house fighter jets and bombers. We are closely watching them to determine if they deploy surface-to-air missiles (SAM) next. If they do, this could affect U.S. Navy operations in the region.

China warned us and other nations to tread carefully. "China respects and upholds the freedom of navigation and overflight in the South China Sea, which countries enjoy under international law, but firmly opposes any country's attempt to undermine China's sovereignty and security in the name of freedom of navigation and overflight," their foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said.

International waters is 12 miles and the ships will probably respect that now. But these islands encompassing the Paracels, are artificial and appear to be set up as military installations. We've sailed close to them four times since October 2015: the first three missions challenged China's requirement for ships to obtain permission prior to transit in the area; the last one challenged their sovereignty over waters encompassing the Paracels.

Secretary of Defense James Mattis said that these types of operations will continue while also ensuring there is no military escalation occurring by China.

Cool heads will be needed by both sides. Let's just hope the orange one remains cool and clear and listens to his advisers.

Is source of White House leaks Kate Walsh?

They called it "Breaking Report" but it's premature to know for certain if #NeverTrumper and White House Deputy Chief of Staff, Kate Walsh, is the source of the leaks designed to undermine the Trump administration and his presidency.

GotNews reported on Sunday that the source of the leaks came from Ms. Walsh and she is being investigated as the person who has been distributing highly confidential information to such sources as The New York Times, the "Communist-loving Paper of Record," and others.

The Gateway Pundit reached out to GotNews' founder, Charles Johnson, for comment on the story and he told them it was "One hundred percent reliable, I'm unwilling to reveal the primary White House sources but Walsh was behind the leaks."

I, for one, am never comfortable with anonymous sources, although it's understandable why the source would not be willing to go public on this information. 

GotNews wrote: 
"Everyone knows not to talk to her in the White House unless you want to see it in the press," says a source close to the president. "The only question is whether or not she's doing it at the behest of [White House Chief of Staff] Reince Priebus or if she's doing it to advance herself in DC media circles."
One source in particular stands out: Walsh is close to Maggie Habberman, a New York Times reporter who wrote fawning pro-Republican National Committee stories during the presidential election. Walsh had also planted stories in The Washington Post and Politico. 
The article goes on to describe how Walsh is called "Madame President" in a negative way in the White House.

She also has a great deal of access as she controls President Trump's schedule, and there is alos reportedly a large number of emails where she and Priebus discuss how to rid themselves of Trump, according to a former #NeverTrump consultant.

"The president and his allies have been deliberately feeding her fake information in order to find her network," a source close to Mr. Trump's family said. "It's been going well."

According to GotNews, Walsh could not be reached for comment.

Again, it cannot be stressed enough, that this is a story generated by anonymous sources so we really need to wait for further developments before assuming it's true. Like Mr. Trump has said, there's a lot of fake news out there . . . believe me.

ISIS threatens: 'Stop deleting our accounts'

We're looking for a few good sheep
ISIS is upset over their social media accounts. The accounts are being systematically deleted by the social network administrators and it's twisting their skivvies in a knot.

One group of scumcrumpets took to an encrypted Telegram channel to cry over the constant deletion of their propaganda channels. They also mocked intel agencies, accusing them of infiltrating ISIS channels to obtain "real and credible information about the Islamic State."

Well that's what intel is supposed to do--to mock them means they're being successful and that's a good thing.

The idiots wrote: "We are not dumb nor stupid not to know that you are monitoring our Channels! . . . Reporting our Channels to be Disabled cuts off your source of information therefore rendering you useless and naive," the post reads.

I have a feeling that people who think that by blowing themselves to smithereens they are doing God's work, are not all that intelligent. Our intel agencies know what they're doing.

The dummies also suggested that without news and propaganda reports from them, the social media platforms would have a harder time generating revenue. What they're saying, in other words, "Please don't shut us out--it's good for you too."

"Reporting our Channels to be Disabled means You will run out of Business because Our Channels are Your Sources of income," the post says ungrammatically.

Twitter announced last year that it had shut down 360,000 accounts that were promoting or threatening terrorist acts, and who knows how many pro-Trump tweeters.

YouTube and Facebook also deleted thousands of videos and social media accounts promoting jihad.

Telegram, the 'app of choice' by the Islamic barbarians, created an ISIS 'watch-bot' that tracks the number of ISIS-affiliated channels and bots removed every month.

ISIS, however, has created a bot that generates random email addresses, temporary mobile phone numbers and pin codes required by many social media accounts for sign-up. They've also resorted to 'invite only' groups on Facebook to avoid deletion for several weeks before being discovered.

On Twitter, the jihadis set their tweets to protected viewing, which only allows 'vetted' followers (aka fellow scumcrumpets) to see their posts.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Iraqi forces ready to take back western part of Mosul

Iraq's Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi
Photo by AP
Iraqi military forces launched an operation on Sunday in a mission to retake the western half of Mosul from ISIS. The operation was announced by Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on state television. He said government forces were on the move to "liberate the people of Mosul from Daesh oppression forever." The word 'Daesh' is an Arabic acronym for ISIS, a term they hate along with just about everything else.

The Iraqi PM called for the forces to "respect human rights." 

Iraqi forces took control of eastern Mosul in January, but the west is still in the control of the religious extremists. The present battle is expected to be difficult as it will go house-to-house in more densely populated, older and narrower streets.

According to Reuters, forces have already "captured several villages" in Mosul. 

"ISIS's cruelty, brutality and reach show they are not just a threat in Iraq and Syria, but to the region and the entire world," the commander of Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve, Lt. Gen. Stephen Townsend said in a statement.

Over 65 nations have come together to "defeat ISIS" over the past couple years, the statement said.

There are still many civilians trapped in Mosul and ISIS has no trouble targeting them or using them as human shields. Townsend made it clear that Iraqi forces will do all they can to avoid collateral damage.

Russell Simmons leads "I am a Muslim too" rally

The muezzin called out Adhan, the Muslim call to prayer, through Time Square in New York City on Sunday afternoon. 

A yooge, mixed-faith crowd who apparently know very little about Islam all declared their allegiance to the religion. 

There were social activists, street vendors, who wanted to make a buck or two; organizers, who, if they're devout Muslims, are secretly laughing in their sleeves at the clueless crowd; and curious tourists, who are naive and willing to pay ten dollars for a Sunday Times and saw the protest as a bargain, and actual protesters, many of whom get paid to make trouble, were in attendance.

As far as I know, however, none in the crowd accidentally converted to Islam because they would be killed if they tried to leave the religion of peace.

"I am a Muslim, too!" the low-information group chanted at the anti-Trump rally which was  organized by former friend of President Trump, Russell Simmons. He had the help of an even dumber rabbi and an imam who knew it.

"We are here, unified, because of Donald Trump, so we won't speak too harshly of him tonight--today. We want to thank him for bringing us together," Simmons said.

Simmons was a friend of Trump and he spent many weekends at Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida. He even was with Trump on his first date with now-First Lady Melania Trump and Donald even wrote the forward for two of Simmons' books. What a pal.

However, when Trump first announced his candidacy for president, Simmons said he would "rather Kim Kardashian be president" than Trump. The pair haven't spoken since 2015 and now all Simmons does is speak against him.

"We are here today to show Middle America our beautiful sides," Simmons said, possibly not realizing that Trump won spectacularly in Middle America and that they are in favor of his temporary immigration halt of seven terrorist-spawning countries. "And through our beautiful actions and intentions, that they have been misled. That the seeds of hate that were small, and maybe just ignorance, cannot be watered, and that hate cannot grow."

I have no doubt that Simmons hasn't read the Qur'an or knows anything about sharia law. I have no doubt the people at the protest are just as ignorant.

Susan Sarandon, the aging actress who recently told a gay website magazine that she is willing to have sex with anyone able to turn oxygen into carbon dioxide, told the crowd that "if you are silent, you are complicit" in the "dismantling" of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

The hypocrisy was palpable.

As Sarandon spoke of love, the crowd showed the exact opposite behavior. Protesters were yelling at cops, yelling "fascist" as they tried to control the crowd. They said the cops were "un-American" because they were "squelching" freedom of speech--much like the left does to invited conservatives who attempt to speak at colleges and other public forums only to be shouted down or a riot breaks out to prevent the dialogue.

The morons at this event had drawings of Trump as both Hitler and Mussolini, which, by doing so, minimizes the horrible injustices both of those tyrants perpetrated upon their respective countries. If Trump is Hitler, everyone is Hitler, just like it is with the race card the left constantly pulls.

One sign read: "Love Trumps Hate" and it was crossed out by the young man holding it with the words now reading: "Smash The State."

They call it love, but it's hatred and blame for the United States, and because it's the USA, they have the freedom and liberty to protest. 

They're simply too stupid to understand the irony.

Iran: Attacking us would be "unwise"

While Iran continues to publicly chant "Death to America!" "Death to Israel!" "Death to the Jews!" they don't believe it would be a good idea for us to attack them  preemptively.

Iran, the country that means "Land of Pond Scum Leaders" in Farsi, is continuing to verbally assault the US. The latest bravado come from the commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, Mohammad Pakpour, yet another Muslim named after the prophet of Islam.

Pakpour spoke at a press conference in Tehran, where nobody insults the press unless they happen to be Ayatollah Ali Khamenie. He was quoted by the semi-official Fars news agency warning American officials to "be wise" and stop threatening Iran with military aggression.

"U.S. statesmen should be very wise and avoid threatening Iran because the entire world has admitted this fact that the Americans cannot do such a thing," the odiferous commander said, adding that attacking Iran would be "unwise."

Since the Trump administration recently imposed new sanctions on 25 scumcrumpets and companies connected to Iran's ballistic missile program and other who support the Revolutionary Guard Corps' Qods Force.

What Pakpour is saying that just because we captured your sailors, approached your naval vessels, imprisoned Americans on false charges, fired off ballistic missiles in violation of our agreement not to do so, and threatened you with military retaliation for being in international waters, don't think you can respond in kind. 

Trump's sanctions were in response to Iran's ballistic missile test last week, violating UN Resolution 2231. It bars Iran from conducting ballistic missile tests for eight years and went into effect after the nuclear deal was signed.

Iran's Foreign Ministry were pissed over the sanctions and swore that they will also ensure "legal restrictions" were imposed on the "American individuals and companies which have a role in aiding extremist and terrorist groups or contribute to the suppression and murder of the defenseless people in the region."

I guess they don't want Americans taking away their jobs.

The so-called religious leader of the largest state sponsor of terrorism, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, dismissed the calls from the Trump administration to stop the ballistic missile tests and said Trump had showed the "true face" of America.

Iran threatened to attack Israel in response to an American attack on Iran. That sounds pretty stupid--Israel may be tiny compared to its surrounding enemies, but they pack a huge punch.

An Iranian official recently said they would immediately attack Israel if the United States "makes a mistake" and added that "only 7 minutes is needed for the Iranian missile to hit Tel Aviv."

Iran would love to have an excuse to attack Israel. They pray for this to happen sooner rather than later because Islam at its core, is an anti-Semitic religion. In fact, the very first prayer, al Fatiha, is anti-Christian and anti-Semitic all rolled into one.

But why would you punch your enemy's friend standing next to you if your enemy punches you first?

Anyway, I suspect Israel wouldn't wait for the punch to come--I suspect Netanyahu and Trump would actually speak to each other before any 'punches' are thrown and would coordinated an action that would shock and awe awful Iran in under 7 minutes.

Priebus calls Russian story "garbage'

Reince Priebus the White House Chief of Staff spoke on "Fox News Sunday" saying that top intelligence officials assured him President Trump's campaign did not collude with Russia to win the election--Hillary simply sucked as a candidate. 

Hopefully for Trump, this will put an end to new reports about potentially compromising illegal talks with Russia.

"I can assure you, the top levels of the intelligence community have assured me that [the allegation] is not only grossly overstated, but also wrong," Priebus told Chris Wallace. "They have made it very clear that the story is complete garbage."

Perhaps that's why it has been recycled so often.

The fact is, Priebus' statement will probably not end the controversy as there are bipartisan demands on Capitol Hill to hold investigative hearings. 

New allegations about a potential Trump-Russia connection bubbled up to the surface in the 2016 presidential campaign when then candidate Trump praised Putin's forceful governing style.

Saddam Hussein also had a forceful governing style. Perhaps Mr. Trump should have chosen his words more carefully as he often neglects to do.

But the bubbles reached their peak after Trump's national security adviser Michael Flynn spoke with a Russian official about U.S. sanctions. That alone is not grounds for dismissal, but Flynn failed to tell Vice President Pence the truth about it and lost the trust of the administration, they said. Flynn, of course, was asked to resign.

In a somewhat frenetic press conference Thursday, Mr. Trump repeatedly said he had no knowledge of his campaign officials talking to Russian officials. [He also said that he had more electoral votes than anyone in history except for Ronald Reagan. That turned out to be false but if you're curious about those kinds of things, go here.]

Priebus tried to end the discussion about the campaign-Russia story but he refused to name his source(s) within the intelligence community. This raises the problem about using anonymous sources for a story the Trump administration opposes.

He added that intelligence officials have dismissed reports that they've denied Trump access to intelligence reports, fearing a national security breach. He also defended Trump's tweet that called the news media the "enemy of the American people."

"I understand where he is coming from," Priebus said. "There are certain things that are happening in the news that just aren't honest. We aren't talking about everyone . . . There is nothing wrong with background. We need to communicate with reporters and give context."

I don't believe delegitimizing the reporting of most media outlets is the way for Trump to attack, but he's never one to not counterpunch when being punched. On one hand it's refreshing to see the bully pulpit strike back at the media bullies. On the other hand, the media bullies aren't going to stop and they're too distracting for someone running the country.

I think by focusing on the issues and by continuing to get things done, the media will be exposed for the biased bullies they are and the GOP will become even more powerful.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

The Blind Sheikh to get 72 virgin seeing-eye dogs

The blind sheikh is dead. 

Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman, the scum cleric linked to the 1993 World Trade Center truck attack that killed 6 infidels has died in federal prison. He unfortunately lived to be 78.

Abdel-Rahman was an Egyptian orthodox Muslim who had a world following even while he was in the slammer for over 20 years. He finally finished serving his life sentence as he died at Butner Federal Medical Center in North Carolina (GO Blue Devils!)

The Federal Bureau of Prisons confirmed Abdel-Rahman's journey to Jahhah (Islamic heaven, thought to be laden with rivers of wine, boys who tend to every need and virgins galore) Abdel Rahman died at approximately 5:40 a.m. Saturday of natural causes. 

He has been battling diabetes and coronary artery disease for a long time and Allah finally called him home where he will be receiving 72 mangy virgin seeing-eye dogs for his pleasure.

The Blind Sheikh's son Ammar told Reuters that the family was called by a U.S. representative to start spreading the news.

The man who prosecuted Abdel-Rahman for the federal government told Fox News that the sheikh was globally notorious as the "emir of jihad" long before al-Qaeda and ISIS existed.

"He provided the international jihadist campaign its deep roots in sharia supremacism," he said.

"His scholarly heft made him highly influential, in the deadliest of ways. The only thing he could do was lead [the terrorist organization]--provide it with inspiration and a sense of divine mission. His life is a testament to the centrality of sharia supremacist ideology to the terrorist threat."

Abdel-Rahman lost his eyesight when he was 10 months old and by 11 years old he memorized the Braille version of the Qur'an. People who memorize the Qur'an (aka the Islamic war manual) are known as hafiz.

Rather than going on with some kind of eulogy for this crap weasel, let's all be thankful he's gone to where the goblins go, and Osama bin Laden.

They say people like Abdel-Rahman make great fertilizer.

VP Pence assures Europe NATO remains an 'unwavering' commitment

Vice President Mike Pence, in his first overseas trip as VP, told the Munich Security Conference where Sen. John McCain previously 'dissed' President Trump, that the U.S. would remain "unwavering" in its commitment to the trans-Atlantic alliance. 

Pence assured them that President Trump intends to "stand with Europe" as he tried to calm the anxious European allies who express continued concern about Putin's aggression and their alarm over Trump's positive statements about his Russian counterpart.

"Today, on behalf of President Trump, I bring you this assurance: The United States of America strongly supports NATO and will be unwavering in its commitment to our trans-Atlantic allies," he said.

Pence also sought to reassure our international allies who are worried that Trump may pursue isolationist tendencies and added that the U.S. would demand Russia honor a 2015 peace agreement agreed upon in Minsk, Belarus. The deal aims to end violence in eastern Ukraine between government forces and Russian-backed separatists.

"Know this," Pence began, "The United States will continue to hold Russia accountable, even as we search for new common ground which, as you know, President Trump believes can be found."

Pence reinforced the Trump administration's message that NATO members need to spend more on defense. The 28-member countries committed to spending 2% of their GDP on defense within a decade, but only the U.S. and 4 other members of NATO are meeting this standard.

"Failure to meet the commitment erodes the very foundation of our alliance," Pence said. "Let me be clear on this point: The President of the United States expects our allies to keep their word, to fulfill this commitment and, for most, that means the time has come to do more."

After he spoke, Mr. Pence met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. She spoke just prior to Pence and stressed the need to maintain international alliances. With Pence seated a mere few meters away, she said that NATO is "in the American interest."

This was in contrast to President Trump's bold statement calling NATO obsolete, according to a Bloomberg report. "It's obsolete, first because it was designed many, many years ago," Trump said, emphasizing that it was even more than 'many' years ago. "Secondly," he continued, "countries aren't paying what they should" and NATO "didn't deal with terrorism."

The former U.S. Ambassador to Iraq during the Obama administration, James Jeffrey, said that Mr. Pence looked "like an adult. The question is, will Trump listen to him?"

Jeffrey however, sounds like a snowflake.

Pence's visit will include a stop in Brussels on Sunday and Monday. He has also scheduled meetings Saturday with leaders of the Baltic States of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. He will also be meeting with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko--all countries dealing with the threat of Russian incursion. 

Pence also plans to meet with Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim and will "talk turkey."

"The vice president has sent reassuring messages through his own engagement but that hasn't been enough to dispel the concerns that you see in many parts of Europe," Jeff Rathke, a senior fellow with the Center for Strategic and International Studies said. "There are such grave challenges that the U.S. and Europe faces that it only heightens the desire for additional clarity from Washington."

Maryland mosque memorializes murderers

Pikesville, Maryland -- A mosque held a celebration to honor the sharia-compliant assassin who killed a governor in Pakistan for speaking out against the country's monstrous blasphemy laws. His death was proof that he was correct.

The Gulzar E. Madina Mosque in Pikesville hosted an Urs celebration, a traditional commemoration held for saints and holy people. This Urs was for Mumtaz Qadri, the Islamic extremist who killed Salman Taseer in 2011. Taseer was the governor of Punjab province.

Qadri was, ironically, Taseer's bodyguard. He was enraged when Taseer called for reform of the blasphemy laws, which are part of sharia (Islamic law) and calls for the death of blasphemers and just about everyone else who doesn't follow a particular brand of Islam. 

Taseer also expressed support for Asia Bibi, a Christian woman who was framed for blasphemy (because she drank from the same cup used by Muslim women) and was arrested and sentenced to death in lovely Pakistan.

Blasphemy laws carry the death penalty and are often used to exact revenge against Pakistan's mistreated minority groups. Even a hint of an accusation that the person does not believe Mohammed is a prophet, or that Allah is actually G_d often sparks mob violence and death for the person charged with the thought crime.

After Qadri shot Taseer, he was lauded a national hero with over 100,000 Muslims attending his funeral. Riots began after his arrest for which he was tried and eventually hanged for his crime. He is seen as a saint by many Pakistanis and a shrine is being built in Pakistan to memorialize him.

The Urs event at the Maryland mosque was advertised in the Urdu Times, the largest Urdu newspaper in the U.S. The turnout was very large, with young children and teens attending the event, according to Rabwah Times.

Syed Saad Ali, an Islamic scholar based in New Jersey, chastised the crowd:
"Warrior Mumtaz Qadri kissed the noose in love for Prophet Mohammed. When Qadri was in jail for five years, what did we do? What effort did we make for his release? Why did we not go where he was being held? Qadri did everything for us and for the love of Islam and we could not even stand by him? People say Islam teaches peace . . . I say Islam teaches us ghairat [honor, as in 'honor killing']. Who will now stand up?"
Ali also praised Tanveer Ahmad, a British-Pakistani man who stabbed to death Asad Shah, another British-Pakistani in Scotland. Shah was guilty of being from the Ahmadi sect and made social media postings deemed blasphemous by Ahmad's sect. 

In other words, if you're a Muslim of one sect, all other sects that espouse Islamic beliefs are blasphemous. This is why extremist Muslims kill other Muslims as well as infidels, Jews, Christians, gays, lesbians and atheists.

Ali spoke about Ahmad, saying:
"Our warrior Tanveer, who is sitting in a jail in Scotland, I don't know if someone knows it or not, when that Mirzai [Ahmadi] spoke his 'sacrilegious rubbish,' he went there and stabbed him 27 times, and the police arrested him and right now he is in a jail in Scotland. So if we just take a step forward, angels will automatically come for our help. But what Mumtaz Qadri has done is something amazing, he has surpassed all these warriors."
Imam Ijaz Hussain, a Baltimore-based 'religious leader' and sicko also spoke, saying that "Mumtaz Qadri was not a terrorist and whoever says, 'We are with you, O prophet' cannot be a terrorist."

So if you murder a school bus filled with Jewish children, or bomb a Christian church as you scream out "Allahu Akbar!" and "We are with you, O prophet!" you are simply doing Allah's work.

Hussain praised our First Amendment saying it allowed such events as this one to be held.
"We have some freedoms here (in the U.S.) which we do not even have in other Muslim countries. This is the beauty of this country. There are some countries where we can't even praise the prophet, we can't celebrate the Day of Imam Hussain. This country has freedom of religion, and this is the beauty of this country."
What the imam didn't say was that once Islam dominates the U.S., there will no longer be a First Amendment, only sharia.

And if that doesn't concern you, you might be a liberal.

McCain disses Trump in Europe

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) is talking trash about our president to a security conference in Munich. 

McCain, a vocal critic of Trump said the president's administration was in "disarray" and that the NATO alliance will be alarmed by his administration's growing inability of "separating truth from lies." He explained that the forced resignation of Michael Flynn, Trump's national security adviser, shows there are serious problems in the administration. 

Flynn was asked to resign as National Security Adviser due to his having communication with a Russian diplomat and lying about it to VP Pence. On the other hand, Hillary Clinton also had face-to-face talks with the Russians and the press did not discuss it.

"I think that the Flynn issue obviously is something that shows that in many respects this administration is in disarray and they've got a lot of work to do," he inappropriately told the Europeans. "The president, I think, makes statements [and] on other occasions contradicts himself. So we've learned to watch what the president does as opposed to what he says," McCain said.

The US senator spoke of a shift away from "universal values" in the United States and Europe, which forged a NATO alliance. He said the founders of NATO would be "alarmed by the growing inability, and even unwillingness, to separate truth from lies." 

The truth is, however, the NATO alliance is obsolete, as it was designed to deal with the Soviet Union, which is no longer in existence. But that's a different story.

McCain, who is chairman of the Armed Services Committee, said that "more and more of our fellow citizens seem to be flirting with authoritarianism and romanticizing it as our moral equivalent."

Although Europe appears uncomfortable with Trump's international policy statements, both Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis, and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson have eased concerns by expressing a more traditional stance at a meeting of G20 countries in Bonn..

Vice President Mike Pence is to address the Munich conference on Saturday and is expected to reassure Europe that it's an indispensable American partner.

Hopefully, McCain will refrain from 'bad-mouthing' our administration when he is outside the country--he sounds too much like a previous president who couldn't help himself from doing the same thing.

Mexicans form human chain to protest US sovereignty

Ciudad Juarez, Mexico -- Around 1,500 Mexican protesters formed a human chain Friday along the U.S. - Mexico border. They believe there should be no reason to be prevented from entering the United States without legal process, just because President Trump and millions of Americans want the country to remain sovereign and safe.

"Hand-in-hand we show a national unity that makes no distinction between people," said Senator Armando Rios Piter, as he stood longingly looking over his shoulder at the country he longs to leave, along with other politicos and students. "Mexico is more than a wall."

Si amigo. Mexico is a country you want to leave for a country that is like no other in the world. At least it's like no other country in the world at this time, but it seems as if that's subject to change if the left gets its way.

Mayor Armando Cabada of Ciudad Juarez, said the human chain shows that the people in the border region are more united, not untied, than ever. And if they want to enter the United States, come hell or high water, they're going to do it.

"You can take that to the banco, Gringo Trump," someone with a "Hello Kitty" backpack shouted from the crowd.

Oscar Leeser, the Mexican-born leftist mayor of El Paso, Texas also protested with the others. "We are one city," he lied, obviously not a big fan of the U.S. remaining a sovereign country nor of the U.S. Constitution which he swore to uphold.

Leeser was born in Chihuahua, Mexico and came to the U.S., legally, when he was nine.

A human chain was also planned in the spicy little town of Tijuana.

Construction of the promised wall by President Trump is slated to begin within months.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Liberal mommies force school to cancel skating party at Trump rink

They call themselves 'liberals' but liberals tend to be the least liberal people on the planet. Dictionary.com defines a liberal thus (I include only those definitions relevant to this discussion):
1. favorable to progress or reform, as in political or religious affairs. [Google Obama and Little Sisters of the Poor]
2. of, pertaining to, based on, or advocating liberalism, especially the freedom of the individual and governmental guarantees of individual rights and liberties. [See YouTube with Milo Yiannopoulos at UC Berkeley].
3. favorable to or in accord with concepts of maximum individual freedom possible, especially as guaranteed by law and secured by governmental protection of civil liberties. [See the article on Ben Shapiro at California University at LA .]
4. favoring or permitting freedom of action, especially with respect to matters of personal belief or expression. [Google US Christian bakers gay wedding cake.]
5. free from prejudice or bigotry; tolerant. [LOL]
In an elite Upper East Side New York private school known as the Dalton School, the annual ice-skating party at Trump Wollman Rink in Central Park was canceled after liberal mommies and daddies refused to allow their children to simply skate without politics involved.

The pusillanimous pontificating Parents Association, afraid that skating on a rink that had 'Trump' in its name, might turn their privileged children into racist, homophobic, xenophobic, misogynistic conservatives. So they sent a letter saying the "Dalton on Ice" event was scrapped, saying "it would not be financially prudent" because of "significantly lower attendance."

What a bunch of pretentious creeps who think they're being 'edgy' and brave, rather than realizing they're simply being anal sphincters to their kids.

One Dalton parent who disagrees with the move said: "I think it is completely insane. Like him or not, it feels like a strange place for New Yorkers to protest. And sad that kids now have no skating party."

Donald Trump renovated the rink in 1986 after the city had their heads up their nether regions for six years getting nothing done.

Yale Student Group wants fraternities to admit women, sororities get free pass

It's an American scholastic orchiectomy at Yale. A student group of non-studs will use Title IX to force university fraternities into admitting women. On the other side, sororities are let off the hook and will not have to admit men.

Engender, a castrating group of students at Yale claims it will lobby the school and they supposedly aren't kidding, citing Title iX which prohibits discrimination based on gender, and internal Yale policies against discrimination, to issue sanctions against male-only fraternities.

Wee Willy McGrew, a co-director of the organization (they always have co-directors and no director directors because they are all equal in the eyes of Karl Marx) told Yale News that it's a "logical next step" to approach the Yale administration "because all of these organizations fall under the purview of Yale legally, either because they are registered as Yale organization or it is literally all Yale students that constitute them."

Willy is obviously somebody with too much anger, too much hate and too much time on his wee hands. He's a figurative accident looking for someplace to happen.

The group's myriad co-directors said that allowing only men to join fraternities (the word 'brotherhood' comes from Latin which is 'fraternitati fieri') is a form of sex discrimination, just as a mens room, at present, excludes women from entering as well. Willy said the school has a responsibility to address the issue as it falls under Title IX and Yale's policies about gender discrimination.

The Willy McGrew group has no official position on female-only sororities. The misandrist twinkie nibbler said that unlike fraternities, exclusively female groups are intimate associations and don't affect social trends at the university in the same manner.

So what? It's still discrimination by his feeble definition.

A conservative group, ICUPN, is fighting for men to be allowed into the Ladies Rooms on campus.