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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Hannity adds to the list

Well, now Sean Hannity can add Libya to his list of Muslim countries where women can't leave the country without a male escort. The sharia pertains to females under 60 because all other females, from 6 to 59, are fair game for sexual assaults from Muslim men.

The ostensible reason they're giving for the ban is for "national [LOL] security reasons" and not for [LOL] religious ideology.

Rana Jawad of the BBC says it will affect all female passengers transiting through the east. And like the Marine Corps, it will affect the air, land and sea.

Libya is like two nations: one in the east and one internationally recognized in Tripoli, the capital. The eastern government is based in al-Beyda and the ban was initially enforced in the city's Labraq international airport.

A spokesman for eastern Libya's Chief of Staff, Abdulrazzak al-Naduri (his friends call him 'Razzmahtaz') confirmed the new religious measure to the BBC.

Razzmahtaz claimed that women representing civil society groups, are being used by foreign intelligence when they travel abroad, and it has "Nothing, I tell you nothing, to do with Islam, believe me."

Although the directive  (aka fatwa) was not voted for by the parliament, it has already been implemented in the east.

The travel restriction highlights the malignant political divide in Libya, with each side enforcing its own rules in their own areas they control.

Since the overthrow by NATO forces of Muammar Gaddafi in 2011, Libya has been in chaos, with eastern Libya controlled by Khalifa Hafter who currently is fighting different Islamic extremists.