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Thursday, February 23, 2017

American majority support immigration restrictions & wall

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A new poll indicates that a majority of voters support President Trump's executive order that temporarily halts immigration from 7 terrorist-spawning countries and want fewer refugees coming into the U.S. overall.

The poll was conducted for the Harvard Center for American Political Studies by the Harris Poll company. The poll is co-managed by Mark Penn, a Democratic pollster,

It was found that 51 percent of polled individuals want the U.S. to accept fewer than the current 100,000 per year that Obama wanted to import. The Trump administration's plan sets the number at half the Obama amount.

Fifty-three percent also support Mr. Trump's executive order banning all refugee resettlement from Syria and freezing all refugee resettlement for 120 days. 

Forty-seven percent of those polled oppose the new curbs on refugees coming into the U.S. according to Harris, but there was no data released to indicate the percentage of those who strongly support or oppose the curbs.

A regional judge's order (which was probably unconstitutional) halted Trump's refugee resettlement freeze but did not affect the halving of total refugee resettlement numbers. This action led to a mad dash into the U.S. from five of the seven terrorist-spawning countries. 

Thanks to this liberal judge, who will not be personally affected by his poor decision, 60.1 percent of refugees arriving since his ruling are from Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Syria and Sudan. Of the Syrian refugees, 99.6 percent are Muslims. Of the others, 55 percent are Muslims. 

This shows that the 45 percent non-Muslims who rushed here for resettlement do not think of this as a Muslim ban. 

The 500,000 refugees arriving in the U.S. since 2009 will cost the American taxpayers $4.1 billion for just this year alone. Breitbart News previously reported that "$4.1 billion can buy 10,677 new homes for $384,000 each, which is the average price of a new home sold in the United States in December 2016. Or it could buy 170,124 new autos for $24,100 each, which is the manufacturer's suggested retail price for a 2017 Chevrolet Malibu."

Sadly, most of the refugees are only capable of low-skilled employment and their presence here will take away thousands of jobs while bringing few useful skills.

A complete shutdown of all refugee resettlement would save us billions. They will continue costing us more in welfare and aid than they generate in taxes, according to uncomfortable facts, and cost us no less than $3 billion every year, not including the costs added on by the U.S. criminal justice system when they commit crimes and plot terror attacks.

The Trump refugee resettlement freeze has strong and broad support. A Feb. 8 Morning Consult poll found 55 percent of voters overall, supported the president's executive order. Of those, 82 percent of Republicans support it.

Another poll (McLaughlin & Associates) found 57 percent support a halt in order to implement better screening procedures.

Rasmussen Reports found 52 percent of voters favored a freeze on all refugee resettlement until the government can better screen out terrorists. Of this polling population, 57 percent were young voters.

The next big issue after terrorism will be which bathroom a person will be able to use depending upon the existence or absence of mental issues.