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Thursday, February 23, 2017

They tried protests, now they'll try magic against Trump

"Bubble bubble, toilet trouble"
It was bad enough when protesters participated in Women's Marches, the Day Without Immigrants. Then there are the town hall meetings and the paid Soros hecklers.

Now it's getting serious. 

Now the freaking witches are getting into the act against President Donald Trump and they have potions and big pots with eye of newt and gingrich too along with buckets of Hillary fan tears and an orange lock of hair.

A Facebook page announced that the ritual of witches will be the first of many "to be performed at midnight every waning crescent moon until Donald Trump is removed from office."

And as the liquid from the magic potion returns to the sky, new Hillary fan tears will fill the pot back to the brim. 

The crescent moon lunatics which used the hashtag #magical resistance, plan to gather a minute before midnight on Friday at Trump Tower in New York City. They are currently in the process of determining whose timepiece they will use to mark the exact moment to do their magic.

The famed "Egyptian Magician" will not be in attendance, nor will the Jerky Boys.

Michael M. Hughes, "an eclectic [eccentric] magician" who wrote the binding spell for the event, but has yet to win the New York State Lottery after years of trying, said he heard that folks from near and far want to participate. He has even received messages from South Africa, Portugal, Denmark, and of course, Mexico. 

Hughes believes the turnout for the magical event will reach in the thousands, but if he's counting on the Mexicans for a big turnout, Trump may have something to say about that.

Hughes said the ritual isn't a curse nor intends to harm the President or his administration, because he fully knows that if this were the case, his magic butt would be in jail. Instead, Hughes said, it's "a way of restraining him from doing further harm," and help others feel powerful against him.

Thus far, Mr. Trump's harm has come from his nominating Neil Gorsuch, a conservative justice to the Supreme Court; defending the Constitution by upholding the immigration laws; nominating and getting confirmed for his Cabinet: Betsy DeVoss, James Mattis, John F. Kelly and others with conservative views; and undoing former socialist President Obama's executive orders.

That isn't harm; it's what presidents of opposing parties do, just like they 'clean house' of past administration people in government jobs that presidents assign.

But I digress.

Hughes practices a boatload of magical traditions including Greco-Egyptian, folk, African-allied and contemporary rituals. He is also adept at finding coins in the ears of children.

Hughes said that he will come prepared with business cards. He does parties, Christenings and Bar Mitzvahs and his fees are quite affordable.

Let's face it--Hughes hopes to clean up after this event, unlike the dirtbags at the North Dakota pipeline protest.