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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Standing Rock Protest Ends with a Burp

Wednesday was the deadline given by N. Dakota's Governor Doug Burgum for Dakota Access pipeline protesters to leave the Oceti Sakowin camp and maybe go find a real job.

About 100 apparently unemployed people remained at the location. Some lit "ceremonial fires" by torching structures within the camp. Some took "ceremonial dumps" on the sacred camp ground. But most of the protestors decided to leave and return to their uninteresting lives.

They marched away, playing drums and singing Kumbaya and stuff, on their final shuffle off to whence they came.

One protestor, when asked what's next replied, "I dunno. Maybe see if there's an occupy movement or something. There's lotsa things to protest about, man."

Around 5 p.m. EST, cops arrested nine hangers-on at a roadway near the camp. Burgum had previously spoke late Wednesday afternoon, warning that anyone who remained was trespassing and may be arrested.

The sheriff's department posted on their Facebook page that it received a report that two clever people were taken by ambulance to the hospital after being burned when protestors set fire to camp structures.

Protestors who left voluntarily were sent on their way by "amnesty buses" to a local family center.

The North Dakota Department of Human Services, Department of Health and Department of Emergency Services have coordinated efforts to provide taxpayer funded health screenings, food, bus tickets, gas cards or anything they could muster to get the protestors the hell out of there and on their way home to their respective basements.

The protestors did not clean up after themselves and made an enormous hypocritical environmental mess. "Was this what their mothers taught them?" one observer asked."They should be ashamed of themselves," she added.

Since the low information idiots arrived, the state has spent nearly nine million dollars policing up after them. Last year, 565 people were arrested in connection with the pipeline. Nine out of 10 demonstrators charged with a crime were from out of state.

On February 1st, an additional 76 people were arrested who tried to set up a new campsite on private land.

Law enforcement said the protestors used violence and also harassed them and their families, along with local businesses and farmers.

Although former so called president Obama was not at the sight of the protest, he was there in spirit. He had the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers deny a request for an easement needed for the pipeline's construction. But President Trump signed an executive order forcing the Army Corps to review that decision and now the pipeline is a 'go.'