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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

ISIS psychopaths' handwritten letters found in Mosul compound

Sung to the tune "Free Fallin'"

He was a good boy,

 loved his momma, 
Loved camels and Allah too, 
but I'm a bad boy, 
'cause I don't even miss him, 
I'm a bad boy, 
'cause I love the Jews. 
Now he's free, 
free fallin' . . . 
yeah he's free . . . 
free fallin' . . . boom!

Alaa Abd al-Akeedi (his pals called him "Triple A") asked his family to forgive him and not mourn him. He wrote this in a letter to his family just prior to blowing himself into little bite-size pieces in a suicide bomb attack against Iraqi security forces last year.

"Don't be sad and don't wear the black clothes. I asked to get married and you did not marry me off. [Guilt Trip Alert!] So, by God, I will marry the 72 virgins in paradise," he wrote in a handwritten letter found by Reuters at an ISIS training compound in eastern Mosul.

Triple A was one of dozens of young psychopathic recruits to pass through the training compound in the past two and a half years. His letter, addressed to his parents in western Mosul was written on an ISIS form marked "Soldiers Department, Martyr's Brigade."

A relative of the young man, who is now at piece, told Reuters the jihadist's father was very distressed by his son's decision to join ISIS and that he rarely visited after joining. But on the other hand, the father knew what he had done and didn't stop him.

On his last trip home, "Spring Break," Triple A told his father that he was going to carry out a suicide attack in Baiji, an oil refinery town south of Mosul.

"He told his father, 'I am going to seek martyrdom,'" the relative said, declining to give his name over fear of possible repercussions by ISIS, Iraqi forces or President Trump.

A few months afterward, militants told the family that the boy was "at pieces now." Sadly, he was only 15 or 16 years old. Still, even as a teenager, all he wanted was to get laid and died to that end.

That letter was only one in a series of documents the ISIS jihadists left behind as they hightailed it out of Dodge once the Iraqi Army offensive grew a pair in October. The documents offer insight into the mindset of Islamic militants who are prepared to blow themselves up, like Triple A, to sow their wild الشوفان  (oats).

Reuters also found handwritten documents containing personal details of about 50 recruits. Among this was about a dozen photos attached. 

The majority of scumcrumpets were from Iraq, but there were several from the U.S., Morocco, Iran and India.

ISIS has attracted thousands of horny psychopaths to carry out suicide attacks in the Middle East and the West. Many are naive school boys still in their teens, like Triple A, who actually believe in the mumbo jumbo of the Koranic jihadist blather.

According to his family, Triple A was an outstanding student. But in 2015, he didn't return home from school because he and several of his school friends joined ISIS.

He was dead a few months later.

"Even now I'm still astounded," his father Abu Amir said. "I don't know how they convinced him to join. I'm just glad we could bury him and put this whole thing to rest."

Can I get an Allahu Akbar?