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Sunday, February 26, 2017

President Trump supporters to boycott Oscars?

The disrespect has gone nuclear on the President of the United States. There is no longer respect for the office because the liberals just can't get over their loss to Mr. Trump. Even the UK's The Telegraph leaves out his honorific and merely headlines him as "Donald Trump."

The headline referred to is: 'Donald Trump supporters to boycott Oscars in protest against 'Limousine Liberals.'

In the old, normal days, people watched the Oscars to see their favorite actors and actresses win the coveted award and make speeches thanking their supporting people and their families. In these crazy days the actors and actresses believe they possess a wisdom that transcends that of 'us regular folks' and tell us why we should hate the same people they hate, and tell us what to do and for whom we should vote.

I never had much tolerance for wasting a few hours of my life watching narcissists give each other awards and talking about themselves as if they were the actual heroes they pretended to be in their roles. And I believe the American public is getting to the point where many people would rather be doing something else than listening to their pontificating. 

President Trump will probably not be watching the spectacle as he and Melania will be attending the Governors' Ball in Washington. And many of his supporters will also boycott the odious extravaganza which will likely feature monkey-fists full of Trump-bashing.

It isn't merely disrespecting the President, it's disrespecting the people who voted for him and therefore disrespecting the nation. 

Had this been the behavior of the right when former President Obama was in office, the race card would have been drawn, the wagons circled, and the media going into an Obama defense mode.

Quick prediction: "La La Land" will bring in tons of awards because it's about the narcissists who make movies. It's a way of patting themselves on their collective backs while not looking so obvious.