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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Selective-issue feminists safely condemn an Oscar winning non-Muslim white guy

In a safe display of moral outrage, feminists, too frightened to condemn Islamic misogyny, attacked actor Casey Affleck's Oscar win on Sunday. 

Rather than being outraged over Islamic practices that include wife beating, honor killings, forced marriages, legal subordination to men, and the forced wearing of cloth sacks to cover all exposed skin, Affleck is alleged to have sexually harassed women for years. His feminist detractors are demanding that he be shunned rather than celebrated.

None of the feminists involved have ever won an Oscar or the approval of their fathers.

Most recently, Affleck had the audacity to kiss a female entertainment reporter on the cheek prior to the Oscar ceremony. How cheeky of him. His critics called the kiss sexist and demeaning to women--particularly women misandrists who rebuke all affection bestowed upon them by men who identify as men.

In a predictable article in Elle, progressive (aka leftist) writer Sady Doyle said that men accused of having abusive pasts deserve nothing but contempt. The predictable part was her tying Affleck's continued celebrity to the election of Donald Trump, because leftists think, talk, dream and fart politics.

And then there's the predictable and trusty 'privileged white guy ploy.' Doyle wrote "By endlessly forgiving abusive men, we tell women that the abuse they suffer is less important than some guy's right to get his point of view across. White men in entertainment can get away with anything."

Tell that to Robert Blake. (Google it.)

Of course there are abusive men out there. I think we can all agree they suck. But making a racist statement about white men of privilege sucks just as much. I resent that and so should all decent people.

Feminists, you want to make a real difference? Go shun Muslims who beat their wives according to sharia. Make bold, public political statements against Islamic theocratic countries that treat women like possessions. 

It's easy to attack American white men--we're soft targets for the most part.

But I dare you, I double-dare you to put aside your hypocrisy and speak out against the misogyny of sharia law and how women are treated under it. 

I dare you.