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Monday, January 23, 2017

NY Gov. Cuomo requires insurance companies to cover contraception

In a move that would make Karl Marx proud but not bathe, NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo said on Saturday that he'd require health insurance companies to cover "medically necessary abortions," which is such a vague term that it virtually translates to all abortions if the woman who wants to kill her baby feels that allowing the baby to live would cause her psychological problems.

It would also cover most forms of contraception at a cost only to the taxpayer, even if he or she isn't the one having sex with the woman.

This is a huge step from what it was like in the dark ages when individuals were responsible for themselves and didn't have to rely on strangers to pay for their condoms and birth control pills.

It's called socialism or communism, depending upon a few minor dynamics.

Cuomo's announcement comes the same day that over a million people around the world, but not in Islamic countries, took to the streets to protest Donald Trump's existence.

The 'Women's March' attracted unattractive protesters, for the most part, some of whom shouted vulgarities at random people not marching, and holding unimaginative signs, some of which were also vulgar, and Madonna, who was quite vulgar and washed up on the shores of irrelevancy. 

In Trump-like fashion, Cuomo took to Twitter to tweet about his herculean effort to "firmly secure access to reproductive health services in New York State." Because people love stuff that people other than themselves, pay for.

This was just his way of protecting coverage under Obamacare, or the oxymoron Affordable Care Act. 

There would be a mandate that health insurers in New York provide at least one form of FDA-approved contraception exceeding a month's supply at a time. They would also get abortions without paying a penny of their own money.

Health insurers would pay steep fines if they violate these laws simply to keep from going out of business.

Like senators, House representatives,  governors are exempt from Obamacare (aka Affordable Care Act) and they are also not often affected personally by the laws they impose on the public. 

This may be another reason why Trump won.