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Monday, January 23, 2017

Three migrants arrested after streaming rape of woman

Sweden: Three crap-weasels were arrested for live streaming themselves raping a 30-year-old Swedish woman. The three scum, ages 19, 24 and 25 are allegedly from migrant backgrounds have been arrested for aggravated rape which they live streamed on Facebook as an example of their collective intelligence.

The 24-year-old scumcrumpet was known to police and has an arrest record for drugs, assault and related offenses. He was conditionally released last April from a four-month prison sentence, Expressen reported.

A woman named Josefine Lundgren saw the live stream and called the police. She said that one of the pigs pulled out a gun and taunted anyone who might be watching, daring them do come over to the apartment and do something about it--another example of their brilliance.

"He pulled off her clothes and lay on top of her," Lundgren said.

This rape is another in a long list of reasons why Sweden might want to think twice about their migrant situation as open borders and a lavish socialist welfare state has Middle Eastern Muslim migrants pouring into their country. 

Their tolerance for criminal foreigners is suicidal but until they see the correlation between crime and immigrant population, they're going to continue on this road.

Not good!