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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Fake News: Muslim girl lies about being pushed onto tracks

Vienna, Austria -- Birthplace of Dr. Sigmund Freud, an appropriate place for this crazy story to take place. But perhaps it isn't as crazy as it seems, for it seems that these kinds of lies are fodder for the Islamic propaganda gristmill. 

A 14-year-old Muslim girl (let's call her Ayisha as that was the prophet's 6-year-old wife's name) has created an outrage on social media. She claimed that a bystander pushed her onto the railway tracks yelling "terrorist" at her.

According to her story, she was saved by another bystander who pulled her back onto the platform "at the last second," and ran off to the hospital. Her Turkish native parents filed a criminal complaint stating she was assaulted.

Naturally, the social media went berserk. Without any evidence, an anti-discrimination and racism group immediately went political and blamed Austrian Foreign and Integration Minister Sebastian Kurz for the attack. It was his fault because he said on Friday that he wanted to ban public servants, including teachers, from wearing the hijab or Islamic headscarf.

The proposed ban caused discontent as it was stricter than even France's laws where only the full anti-Muslim-rape cloth full-body armor is banned, better known as the burqa. 

But now the girl is being accused of lying. Investigators couldn't find a shred of evidence of the alleged assault after combing through CCTV at the time and place the alleged incident occurred at the S-Bahn train station.

Police spokeswoman Irina Steirer said: 
"We have looked through the CCTV and at the time when the incident is alleged to have occurred, nothing can be seen on the records . . . Both the alleged victim and the accused are captured on CCTV, but nothing ever happens and they are both simply getting on the train."
The girl will be brought in for questioning "as soon as possible," and she could be charged with slander and filing a false report.

She should have just made a fake bomb for "Show and Tell." Who knows, maybe she could get to meet the President of Austria.