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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Thousands leave their 'safe spaces' to protest democracy

Thousands of Hillary-loving-Trump-hating "Snowflakes" left their 'safe spaces' to take to the streets in major cities to condemn the not-so United States electoral system for allowing Donald Trump to win the election. 

The Obama divisiveness of the last 8 years have brought his chickens home to roost.

It is estimated that no less than 1,500 gallons of tears have covered the streets in major cities across this once great country of ours, as young women cried hot tears for not electing an angry, lying, thieving, incompetent woman whose husband is a sexual predator who she defends against his victims, and receives huge sums of money from misogynistic countries while pretending to be a woman's advocate. 

Across the country, losers carried flags and anti-Trump signs disrupting traffic because inconveniencing people's lives is a great way to win them over to your point of view. Many of the tearful anarchists said they refuse to accept Trump's win. 

In Chicago, they chanted "Not my president," in English, mostly. 

One Chicago resident said that he thinks Trump will "divide the country and stir up hatred," not realizing that he was stirring up hatred by protesting and that it was Obama who divided the country causing this very protest.

In Manhattan, about 1,000 protesters, a number exceeding most Hillary Clinton rallies, gathered outside Trump Tower as police kept them at bay with barricades.

At Philadelphia's City Hall, hundreds gathered, many who supported Brooklyn's own Bernie Sanders, a guy with an eye on Revolooshin. Some protesters had also supported Hillary, but not by having to physically support her--that was a different group of people she employed.

In Boston, thousands of Soros-funded anarchists gathered on Boston Common to call Trump a racist and carried professionally made signs that read "Impeach Trump." Obviously they don't know you can't impeach someone who isn't in office.

Ah, democracy in bloom. Can you smell the feces yet?

We now have a generation of spoiled children in adult bodies who have to get their wishes realized or they protest and disrupt everyone else who just wants to be left alone.

Donald Trump is an unknown entity as president. Give him a chance.

The only thing Hillary Clinton has accomplished recently is an uncanny ability to stay out of prison.