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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Guess who 68% of Saudis wanted a Jihad alliance with

Before the presidential election, the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies in Washington D.C. conducted an opinion poll that included nine Arab countries: Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Kuwait, Morocco, Jordan, Palestine's West Bank and Gaza Strip, Saudi Arabia and Tunisia.

In each country an average of 400 people participated in the questionnaire.

The questionnaire asked which of the U.S. presidential candidates will positively influence the U.S. policy towards the Arab region, 65 percent of Saudis said Hillary Clinton's victory would make a positive impact in the Arab region.

Further, it was revealed that 68 percent of the Saudis prefer that Clinton wins the election and 46 percent believe Donald Trump was bad.

To Saudis, preferring that Clinton wins the election means they see her as an ally in their world jihad, while they see Trump as a problem with letting them have their way with instituting a world caliphate.

"That evil Trump--he refuses to allow us to make America Islamic again."

When asked about issues the next U.S. president must focus on, the interviewees said that the first priority was not intervening in Arab countries' affairs--stay out of their business, in other words. Other priorities included combating ISIS--or help us with this affair but stay out of our their business; resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict--then stay out of their business; resolve the Syrian crisis--then leave them alone to fend for themselves; and to resolve the Yemen crisis--then hit the road.

The highest percentage of those who wanted Hillary to win was in Tunisia and Morocco. Maybe that's why they and others contributed so heavily to the Clinton Foundation. 

The highest percentage in favor of a Trump win was Iraq and Egypt.

Israel, though not polled, is likely to favor Trump over Clinton because he's pro-Israel while she is pro-the other guys.

For more information go to http://english.alarabiya.net/