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Friday, November 11, 2016

Huma cries the tears of a clone

Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton's practically adopted daughter and wife of pervert Anthony Weiner, wept on the mean streets of Brooklyn as she made her way back to the Democratic candidate's campaign headquarters after Clinton lost miserably to the only person in the world she should have easily defeated, Donald J. Trump.

Although Trump may have an anemic vocabulary and as much knowledge of foreign affairs as a blow fish has of computers, Clinton's judgment and her vocabulary, especially her use of the invented noun "deplorables," has been her Achilles heel. 

Many people have a problem electing a U.S. president who refers to half of the U.S. with such contempt.

Huma looked as if her dog had run away after her cat died when it was hit by an out of control car driven by her mother having lost control due to a heart attack. 

Huma may have even vomited in her mouth as she felt the weight of the world on her sharia-loving shoulders, venturing out of her luxury Manhattan apartment as she headed to the Clinton campaign headquarters. 

She carried a bag and a purse and wore dark large-frame sunglasses (FunFact: they're referred to as "coolers" in India) but she couldn't hide the pain of the loss of her boss to a guy who was perfect for the race card ploy. 

At one point in the journey, Huma's lip quivered and she wiped her eyes with the back of her hand and a tiny bubble showed itself in her left nostril. Unfortunately, that wasn't caught on camera.

Nobody knows the trouble Clinton may see, nobody knows if she feels any sorrow. Nobody knows the trouble she may be in, but let's hope we'll hear about it soon--like perhaps tomorrow.

Huma has been with Hillary since she was 19-years-old and served as her "body woman" accompanying Clinton while she was a terrible senator and incompetent Secretary of State. This was exemplified after she allowed 4 men to die in Benghazi, one of whom was Ambassador Chris Stevens, even after Stevens requested more security for the complex over 600 times.

The illegal personal server was just further proof of her incompetence.

But Hillary has considered Huma to be like a surrogate daughter [with sharia leanings].

Huma wasn't the only person who cried when Hillary was solidly beaten in the election. Young women and weak men throughout the nation were visibly shaken by the well-earned defeat. Many openly cried just like Huma, and now many are burning flags and buildings because they didn't get their way.

Yet Huma was Hillary's ultimate fighter, her gatekeeper, as the WikiLeaks emails showed, weighing in on fundraisers and dignitaries seeking pay to play face-time with her boss, and also served as a conduit of information to the Clinton Foundation slush fund.

When FBI Director James "On and Off" Comey announced just 11 days before the election that the bureau was taking a look at Clinton's emails after learning that Anthony Weiner (aka Carlos Danger) had over 650,000 related emails on his computer, Huma was out of the Clinton bubble of secrecy. She didn't attend campaign events with potty mouths Jay Z and Beyonce, and didn't get to hear the wisdom of Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez.

Huma has been Hillary's biggest fan, and in many ways is like her. But it's all over now, Baby Blue.

What will happen to Huma?

Only Allah knows.