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Friday, November 11, 2016

Protesters bought and paid for

Protest buses
Thousands of people who hate democracy and free elections have taken to the streets to protest Donald Trump's presidential election victory. In the dark recesses of his lair, I can picture George Soros rubbing his hands together, cackling his evil cackle, and watching the anarchy unfold.

Protesters on both coasts and in major U.S. cities, are burning American flags and effigies of Trump as they declare their refusal to accept the outcome of the election. Some protesters are smoking pot, now legal in many states, squatting in the streets to defecate in public as a sign of their anger and an example of their maturity, and I can still picture Soros smiling his evil smile as his will be done.

In some protests, buses brought in the protesters, clearly indicating a coordination of their "feelings." Someone or some organization paid for those buses and have likely paid the protesters to demonstrate.

"Anti-Trump protestors in Austin today are not as organic as they seem," a local observer tweeted Wednesday, and showed photos of the buses as evidence.

Some of the protestors found ads posted on CraigsList   in which Washington CAN! a Seattle-based non-profit community organizing group was soliciting "Full-Time Activists." 

Part of the ad read: "We are looking for motivated individuals who are seeking Full-Time, Part-Time, and Permanent positions." They encouraged women, students and minorities to apply.

There are rumors that the protesters are being bankrolled by Soros and groups like Moveon.org. (The picture of Soros rubbing his gnarly hands together is becoming increasingly clearer.)

A tweet in response to the viral photo of the Austin buses read: "WTF, @georgesoros busing in & paying #protestors to destroy cities is domestic #terrorism. #fakeProtests #BlueLivesMatter have tough days."

The fact that the signs across the nation appear to be manufactured by the same company indicates a strong possibility that they were made and distributed by the same group.

In New Orleans, protesters defaced the Lee Memorial and spray painted "Die Whites Die" and "F**k Trump" and "F**k White People."

Thank you, Barack.

In Obama's hometown of Chicago there were similar messages. One message read: "We are ungovernable" next to the letter "A" in a circle, which is shorthand for 'anarchy.'

The same people who wrote "Die Whites Die" chanted in Boston "Trump's a racist." They also want to abolish the Electoral College because Hillary had far fewer electoral votes than Trump and sour grapes was the meal of the day.

Had the shoe been on the other foot, Republicans may have called for the abolishment of the Electoral College, but they wouldn't have done so violently like these anarchists.

As it is, our nation is the best in the world and our election process is the best. These idiots are protesting a system that people across the world would love to have and often die trying. But the anarchists are never satisfied with the status quo--even after they get what they want.

The results are final. Trump won and we need to go on from here. We need to heal and stop letting people like George Soros influence us. We didn't get to be the greatest representative democracy on earth with people like him--we got to be great opposing people like him.

Have a great Veteran's Day!

God bless America.