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Saturday, November 12, 2016

The anarchists' beat goes on

Removing the coward's graffiti 
The anarchists are running the asylum.

Now that Donald Trump trumped Hillary Clinton in the presidential election, the small-minded leftists cannot bear it. And while the liberal media warned the country that if Clinton won the election, Trump supporters would become violent, it looks like they're guilty of what they've accused his supporters.

The anger is so palpable that there is a flood of calls on Twitter and other social media to assassinate Trump. This coming from the party of abject intolerance of anything that doesn't give them what they want.

Fortunately, the online threats are going to be investigated by authorities. The first place they should look is the server of George Soros, but they probably won't.

It isn't that Soros would actually make the threats himself, but I have no doubt that he would pay for someone to do it for him. As it stands at this moment some people believe that Soros has other plans and that they involve the Clintons in what is being called the Purple Revolution.

Trump met with President Obama on Thursday and called the meeting a "great honor." Obama said they had an "excellent" and "wide-ranging" conversation, and he urged people to "now come together."

The urging wasn't strong enough to stop the rioting nor the calls for Trump's assassination. Twitter went viral with the hashtag #AssassinateTrump. 
His plans when Hillary would be
away are crushed

Secret Service spokeswoman, Nicole Mainor, declined to comment on the posts directly, obviously keeping it a secret as to what they plan to do, as per agency policy. "The Secret Service does not provide information regarding protective services," she said.

However, one source told The Post that they will investigate all social service media postings containing credible threats, explaining that there's a difference between saying you have a plan to actually commit the act, and to call for someone else to do it. The source explained that normally, indirect threats are not prosecuted.

Of course, everyone knows that if the Trump supporters called for the assassination of Hillary Clinton had she won, the media would go crazy calling the miscreants "perverts of democracy" or some such thing. 

And it is indeed a perversion of democracy when a fair and democratic election chose Trump to be President and some on the left are trying to stop it with violence.
Definitely not a Benghazi victime's wife
or mother

The best form of protest, obviously, is at the ballot box, but when you're dealing with people, many of whom probably didn't even vote in the election, but refuse to accept the best form of government on earth, you know the anarchists are running the asylum.

I hope this all turns out to be talk and no action. Donald Trump has been elected President and the left needs to accept it and try to make peaceful changes . . . after many of them stop weeping.