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Monday, June 23, 2014

Obama's War on the US Constitution

Killing Anwar al-Awlaki via drone was justified by the Obama administration as long as it was done in accord with applicable laws of war. 

So it's okay for Obama to kill Americans because we're in a "war on terror" but how is it that we've released five terrorists and now we have the Benghazi attack mastermind on his way to the USA where we plan to treat him like a common criminal? Isn't this one of the the terrorists with whom we're at war?

This administration does what it wants to whomever it wants because they believe that they are above the law, and unfortunately, our other two branches of government does nothing to disprove this notion.

Guns are run into Mexico using straw buyers paid by the DoJ, and congress does nothing about it other than whine.

The New Black Panthers intimidated white voters at a polling place in Philadelphia, but Eric Holder's DoJ decides not to pursue the case and congress again, sits on its hands as Obama wins a second term.

The Benghazi terrorist attack, where Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans were killed ends in a dead end, it seems, while the administration stalls for time as more scandals erupt, and then it's "Dude, that was two years ago." And nothing is done other than congressional fuss-making.

The IRS scandal has Lois Lerner taking the Fifth and we now learn Lerner lost two years of emails. How convenient. And how incredibly convenient that her hard drive was also gone. If Lerner was not trying to target  conservative groups, then why is the left making excuses rather than being angry over a government agency acting inappropriately? But questions are asked by congress and they only get five minutes each to question the suspects who then filibuster without really answering anything of substance.

The Associated Press and the James Rosen scandals? Let's not go there now--freedom of the press deserves more than a paragraph here.

We are no longer the nation we once were. We are no longer a nation of clear laws when political interests are involved. And we need to demand from our representatives that they do a better job stopping the lawlessness of the administration. We obey and protect our Constitution, not shred it like somebody's emails must have been.