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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Al Qaeda Joins Team Syria to Provide Technical Assistance

The religion of peace flock
War torn Syria has been working with Islam's own al Qaeda terrorists--affiliated with Yemen--to develop a "new generation" of bombs capable of being smuggled aboard commercial planes. They claim these bombs can defeat the airport security systems and blow the crap out of infidels, which includes anyone who is not a Sunni Muslim. In fact, the Sunnis have a slogan: "Best direct your feet to the Sunni side of the street." And their theme song, "La Bomber" is scheduled to be played at a town near you.

The U.S. is worried about the thousands of Americans and other foreign jihadists who joined up to fight in Syria, and it has sparked a warning to the airlines to be on the lookout for explosives-in-a-toothpaste-tubes, shoes and cosmetics. You'll wonder about more than where the yellow went if one of those toothpaste tubes explodes.

U.S. intelligence has learned of an al Qaeda affiliate in Syria, the Al Nusrah Front, and other religious Islamic groups bent on jihad, were being joined by terrorists from al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula where the Yemen-based group that inspired the Christmas Ball Bomber to blow up his "boys" for Allah--it failed. These wonderful Islamic mission folk were also involved with the other failed attempt to take down cargo planes over the USA using explosives packed in printer cartridges.

Now these groups are working together to produce new and more "creative" designs for nonmetallic explosives and the U.S. believes they may try targeting a U.S. or European-bound plane.

If these terrorists are caught, they can expect to spend some time in prison where they will be provided with their Miranda RIghts, a Koran, prayer mat, great medical care 24/7, three good meals a day, a TV, exercise yard, soccer field, and a comfortable bed. But in the future, they know these things will be taken from them once they are released back into the public. 

I pity them.