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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Kerry Calls Striving for World Caliphate "Spillover Effect"

In a breath-taking display of abject stupidity, Secretary of State John Swiftboat Kerry labeled the Islamic drive for a total world Caliphate the "spillover effect."

 "The greatest threat to all of this region . . . is these terrorists," the Vietnam War Hero/Protester said at a Cairo press conference. The man who attended the opening ceremony to the Viet Nam Communist Museum met with President Abdel Fattah el-Sissi and discussed with him "the grave security situation" in Iraq. 

Yes, when your "security forces" strip off their uniforms and run home to Momma, you have a grave security problem.

Kerry plans to rack up some serious Frequent Flier Miles when he soon heads out
to the Middle East and Europe where his words of wisdom will be lost on many.

After the press conference, John-I-Married-For-Money-Kerry polluted the atmosphere by flying to Amman, Jordan when he will meet with the leaders of the Arab League, an anti-Zionist gang whose main goal is to eventually establish a . . . wait for it . . . world Caliphate.

Lurch Kerry touched upon Libya and danced around Benghazi (he didn't want to offend anyone). He said the United States has the same interests as the citizens of Iraq, which is to create a government that inclueds not only the Shi'ites, who are in the majority, but also the Sunnis and Kurds, both containing 20% of the population each. Kerry did not mention the four Jews who are in hiding for their lives because they're Jews; Kerry may have assumed they would be caught, be bound, and beheaded.

Seriously, if Kerry believesthat any Islamic country can ever be a true democracy, he must have bats living in that obscene head of hair.