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Friday, June 20, 2014

IRS's Koskinen Holds a Clinic on Arrogance

John Koskinen, the new arrogant leader of the IRS (Irritating Ridiculous Scumsuckers) was grilled in a congressional hearing today. The result of the grilling was a shouting match that sounded more like a Mexican cock fight than a group of gentlemen trying to get to the bottom of the controversy of how the scumsuckers lost thousands of emails that would have likely put Lois Lerner behind bars. As of this writing, Ms. Lerner still walks amongst us and is receiving her salary in full. Not a bad gig.

Paul Ryan (R-Wis) sparred with Koskinen, "This is unbelievable," he said. "That's your problem, nobody believes you."

Koskinen responded, "I have a long career; that's the first time anyone's said I don't believe you."

Ryan shot back, "I don't believe you."

When asked by the House Ways and Means Committee to apologize, the bald-headed stooge said that he didn't feel he had to apologize for the agency that takes our money and squanders it on idiotic "training videos," expects us to have years of our own records intact, and then loses the only ones that are relevant in the case against Lois Lerner. That, boys and girls, is arrogance.

"I don't think an apology is owed," Koskinen said. "We haven't lost an email since the start of this investigation."

Well lah dee dah. The problem isn't that the IRS hasn't lost emails since the investigation; the problem is they "lost" the emails that are the only ones that are important to the investigation. Oh, and then you destroyed the hard drive. That is so unbelievable as to be ludicrous.

It is likely that those emails are still available in the cyber world. They are probably on a server and certainly they have to be on the recipients' servers. I say check the White House server and see what's what.