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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Just Another Video Catalyst

Fox News reports of an Iraqi Shi'ite cleric, Nassir al-Saedi who warned the US military advisers heading for their beautiful and bountiful country that "We will be ready for you if you are back." This peaceful man of the cloth referred to the US as "occupiers" and he plans to engage us militarily if we set foot on his lush, verdant nation.

On Thursday, "President" Barack Hussein Obama of the United States of America, TelePrompted that he is prepared to send 300 special troops into the sweet-smelling and fertile war-torn land, but this religious cleric, a man of Allah, gave the warning during "religious" Friday services (when such prayers about hating Jews, Christians, and everyone else that isn't a Shi'ite Muslim abound).

ISIS (no relation to the Mighty Isis of 1970s Saturday morning fame, starring Andrea Thomas), or the Islamic States of Iraq and Syria, has already taken huge swathes of Iraq's picturesque territory in the north and west, and when push comes to behead, they plan to take the rest of Iraq and Syria, and then everywhere else in the world where a Muslim fought and killed for the religion of peace, (i.e., the planet earth).

Al-Saedi is pals with Muqtada al-Sadr, a Shi-ite militia dude who is supposed to confront ISIS. The Shi'ites are not very Sunni-friendly as they see them as infidels and need to be killed along with the rest of the world's infidels. Their favorite past time with the troops is to sit around the American flag camp fire roasting marshmallows and telling anti-Semitic and anti-Christian war stories.

Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki (his friends call him "Al") is not doing so well as Iraq's leader. Al is a Shi'ite and has basically taken all of the political influence away from the country's Sunnis and made them second-class citizens, which is like being on a waiting list to be killed.

So the reality is, the Shi'ites of Iran want to help Iraq so they can make them a puppet government and eventually control the entire sandbox called the Middle East. Of course, Israel will have to go, but that's a story for another time.

About 20,000 crazed ISIS troops in combat gear humped their way into Baghdad's Sadr City district with illegal assault rifles (aren't all rifles assault type?), machine guns, multiple rocket launchers and missiles.

Obama said the whole shabang reminded him of a video that started the whole thing a few year ago.