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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Contempt for Lois Lerner to be Decided

Lois Lerner  testified on her own behalf again this past March. Now a House committee will meet next week to determine whether she should be held in contempt of Congress. You see, you can't say that you're innocent of the charges brought against you (in this case, the charges were targeting the Tea Party and conservative organizations) and then refuse to answer questions to question that claim. In other words, you can't testify and then say you refuse to testify.

But I'm no lawyer, nor is Rep. Darrell Issa. Maybe we can get a few lawyers involved and conclude that Lerner needs to either testify or serve time in prison. The meeting is scheduled for April 10, just ten days before Hitler's birthday, and the contempt charge will be weighed at that time.

There are plenty of documents and testimony that show she played a key role in the IRS scandal that deprives people of our First Amendment rights. Yes, it's a big deal. They refused conservative groups the same rights they gave to liberal groups, which is their right to non-profit status. To deny this mean that these groups would not receive the same amount of contributions by donors because they wouldn't be able to claim these donations. But not so for the Democrats.

Lerner was the head of the Exempt Organizations Division of the IRS and she was the person in charge. It almost had to be Lerner who directed the IRS to scrutinize Tea Party and conservative groups, a tactic designed to outlast the resolve of the groups applying for tax exempt status. These conservative groups went for years without being approved while the handful of liberal groups got approved quickly. Lerner is the only IRS official who refused to testify after testifying her innocence.

The process of determining contempt can take a long time. If the committee rightfully finds her in contempt, then the House would vote on it too. Then the courts would resolve it, which would also take time (see Eric Holder).

Have you noticed that it's always the Democrats who have issue with people like Lerner and Holder? I wonder what it is the Democrats are trying to keep us from discovering. The IRS is not supposed to be a political arm of the government, just like the Department of Justice is to be unbiased. But both agencies have become politicized and that is totally un-American and unconstitutional.

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