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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

"Good Night Malaysian Three-Seven-Zero"

They lied to us. The Malaysian government claimed that the last words they heard from the missing jet aircraft were: "All right, good night." But now there has been a new claim by the Malaysian government saying that the last words were actually: "Good night, Malaysian three-seven-zero."

This is not a small thing in the scheme of things. This information is mind-boggling because if they are saying that they lied to begin with, I am pretty sure they are still lying. In fact, who's to say that the last words weren't coming from a Pakistani who was screaming: "The plane is mine. Allahu Akhbar infidel dogs!"? Who's to say they didn't land the jet on a small uncharted island, covered it up, and converted the passengers to Islam and got them all personalized suicide vests?

I don't have a theory because even if I did, it matters not one iota what people think--it only matters what they know. And we don't know. We have theories, experts, and even a couple of conspiracy theorists like good ole dependable, Alex Jones. 

Ole Alex thinks there are a number of possibilities such as the jet's "Squawk" code was swapped with a Gulfstream private jet which then cut out. But then wouldn't there be a missing Gulfstream? Boggles the mind. Jones also believes, like a few "experts" that the jet dropped to 12,000 feet due to a cabin pressure emergency and maybe it was too late and the plane went zombie. 

One thing is for certain; if the pilot or co-pilot didn't say "All right, good night," but instead uttered the words, "Good night, Malaysian three-seven-zero," we know there must be something afoot. I believe, and Alex Jones might concur, that when the pilot said those frightening words, he was saying goodnight to MH 370 itself and not ground control.

Or maybe not.