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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Will Stephen Miller become next WH comm director?

Now that Anthony Scaramucci is gone, there's a job opening at the White House for communications director. And if there's one thing for certain it's that senior policy adviser Stephen Miller knows how to communicate.

Miller schooled Crappy News Network's Abilio James Acosta over immigration. (Acosta doesn't use his first name possibly because it sounds too ethnic, or possibly because he's just a dishonest fake news reporter, or possibly both.)

After Miller figuratively and intellectually kicked Acosta's butt, he may have caught the president's ear and be under consideration for the Mooch's job as communications director. 

But there is still an ongoing search to fill that position and Miller is not the top contender, according to my anonymous source who goes by the pseudonym "Vinny Boombots."

According to Vinny, Miller's 'cred' is growing with Trump after the CNN debacle in which Acosta discarded his role as a journalist, and tried to debate Miller. He lost miserably because he didn't know what he was talking about and Miller was prepared.

It's so obvious that the mainstream media is out to remove Trump from office as they put politics over country. 

The media is even upset that President Trump is taking a well-earned vacation while the White House is being renovated.