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Saturday, August 5, 2017

PETA goes ballistic over Canada geese slaughter to feed people

Husband and wife, worried about their future
PETA Reports:

Washington, D.C. -- The National Park Service caught 116 Canada geese from a D.C. park, mercilessly killed the birds and fed them to the homeless. 

Park officials say 100 pounds of dead Canada geese have been donated to an organization that obviously doesn't care about handing out the carcasses of dead birds to be eaten instead of healthy vegetables.

A statement by National Park Service said that the 116 Canada geese was donated to the D.C. Central Kitchen last week to be plucked, dismembered, cooked en mass, and fed to people without homes.

"Why can't they eat vegetables?" Debby Goodbreath of PETA asked. "These birds never hurt anyone and they contribute to the land by producing fertilizer that feeds vegetables that eat that sort of stuff.

PETA members formed a human chain in front of three D.C. Central Kitchen locations in an effort to keep the homeless from consuming animal parts. 

They were totally successful at one such location and four of the people on line waiting to be allowed in passed out from malnutrition.

The National Park Service stated that meat from the 116 Canada geese was donated to the D.C. Central Kitchen and the Park Service says it will be used in meals the kitchen prepares for homeless shelters, rehabilitation clinics and after school programs. 

The birds were tested and deemed safe for consumption. 

The birds were caught in Anacostia Park and killed in July as part of an effort to manage the park's wetlands. Big geese and little baby geese feed on wetland plants, don't bother anybody, and don't take drugs like the people in the rehabilitation centers who want to eat them.

They should have stayed in Canada.