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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Loser Hillary rehires campaign aides

"I would have easily won if . . . "
Hillary Clinton, the losing 2016 Democratic presidential candidate, refuses to give up the fight against former TV reality show star, real estate mogul, and now U.S. President, Donald J. Trump. 

Like that strange rash you took home with you from that little village in Thailand, Hillary's still annoying and refuses to go away no matter how hard you try to rid yourself of her.

Now feisty Hillary has hired two former campaign aides from her losing campaign, which should tell you what you need to know about those aides. She will use them to help manage the project she founded in the spring with former governor "Screamin' Howard" Dean to fund and support a coalition of Democratic groups led by others who don't know how to manage money. 

The name of the group is Onward Together--progressives like to use the word 'together' because it feels so 'socialisty' and makes it more difficult for others to assign blame to any individual or individuals when they break the law. They were going to call it We're In This Together but it had a ring of negativity to it.

The two new hires are Emmy Ruiz and Adam Parkhomenko. 

Adam is married to Kirby Hoag, a Washington Redskins cheerleader who, due to the team she waves her pom-poms for, has got to be a racist because of the Redskin's name and how the left pulled the race card on the team.

Adam also worked for Hillary's 2008 losing team and has an incredible record as a racist-married loser.

Ruiz, you may recall, cheated in the 1980 Boston Marathon--oh wait--that was Rosie Ruiz. Sorry.

Emmy Ruiz along with Adam, held central roles in Hillary's losing campaign. Emmy delivered key victories as state director in Nevada but it did Hillary no good as she lost big league to Trump.

Dean, the Onward Together tra-la-la is the co-founder of the organization and confirmed the two hires on Friday. The pair will be working as consultants that Hillary will not listen to.

Ruiz worked with Tom "potty-mouth" Perez's successful campaign for DNC chair. She was the person who suggested he use the word "sh*t" in DNC rally speeches to make an greater impact and to impress younger voters who most recently were allowed to curse.

Regarding Ruiz, Dean said, "She's moving us right on task--wooooooooo!"

Parkhomenko will have the task of trying to make the Democratic Party look like it sucks less now.