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Friday, July 7, 2017

Omar Khadr wins the jihadi jackpot

This is disgustingly disturbing. Something is backwards, wrong, a blight on Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's liberal leadership.

A Canadian named Omar Khadr is the problem, the blight. His father took him to the killing fields of Afghanistan and filled his young head with viciously violent al-Qaeda ideology spouted by scumcrumpet Osama bin Laden.

When Khadr was merely 15, he participated in Islamic jihad and killed a U.S. soldier and blinded another. He was caught and sent to Guantanamo Bay Detention Center. While this POS served time in Gitmo, his family publicly stated their lack of loyalty and faith to Canada.

So what does Justin Trudeau, the pot-smoking son of a liberal former Prime Minister do? He pays Khadr a settlement of $10,500,000.

The murderer previously sought $20,000,000 in a wrongful imprisonment civil suit against the city of Ottawa, Canada's capital.

Thus, while Omar is a product of his father's screwed up form of Islam, Justin Trudeau has demonstrated that even if you're an evil sack of you know what, you can still be rewarded for being on the side of evil.

And the Trudeau government apologized to the POS--it's sickening.

The $10.5 million deficit will be made up by taxpayer money--even Canadian veterans will pay this creep out their own pockets, or Canada could sell munitions and arms to regimes such as AQ.

Justin Trudeau's apology and money settlement is a kick in the butt to all who fight terrorism and for human rights.

And for you Canadians who are worried about the future and the way the world is circling the drain, I suggest you stay very worried and do something about it. 

We Americans must do the same.

When Khadr was asked what he was going to do with all that money, he said, "I'm going to blow up Disneyland."

Just kidding.