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Friday, July 7, 2017

NYC Mayor, Comrade de Blasio, leaves NYC to protest G-20

Socialist, Sandinista-loving, cop-hating mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio (even his name is phony) got his butt out of town and jetting it to Germany to join the unwashed at the G-20 protest.

He's leaving a day after a New York City cop, Miosotis Familia, was assassinated, shot in the face, as she sat in her vehicle filling out a report in the Bronx. 

There was also a swearing-in ceremony for 524 new NYPD recruits, an event normally attended by normal mayors. But this human garbage who became mayor of one of the most liberal cities in the US knew that if he attended the ceremony, he would not be welcome because he's quicker to defend Black Lives Matter violence than he is the cops who assuage it.

Cowardly de Blasio kept his plans to join the Hamburg protest a secret until he slithered out of the country. He is expected to attend several events surrounding the G-20 summits in the next two days, and it would be a wonderful thing if he got his butt blasted by a water canon. 

His press secretary, Eric Phillips, tweeted that the so-called mayor will be a main speaker at the demonstration "Hamburg Zeigt Haltung," or "Hamburg Shows Attitude."

Phillips said on Twitter that the mayor made sure the trip wouldn't conflict with the officer's funeral, but insofar as the recruit graduation was concerned, 'to hell with them,' appears to be his attitude. 

Hopefully, de Blasio will be disinvited to the funeral.

Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis, one of the crap weasel's Republican opponents tweeted: "While #NYC's subways crumble, sex crimes increase double digits, litter on the streets pile up & the number of street homeless soars . . . #G20." She also tweeted a photoshopped image of him drinking beer and eating bratwurst.

"The photo is funny but the issue is serious. Our mayor is neglecting his basic responsibility of managing the city," she told the New York Post

Trump also attacked de Blasio for leaving New York City while its "education, infrastructure etc rots under his 'progressive' stewardship!"

Comrade de Blasio will travel with three staffers and the cost of the trip will allegedly be covered by event organizers, not the taxpayers this time.

Thousands of low-information protesters clashed with police Thursday. German police say they've detained 29 protesters and 111 police officers were wounded, three who were hospitalized.

It is not anticipated that de Blasio will visit any of them in the hospital.