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Friday, June 16, 2017

Why CNN is Fake News

Certainly Not News (CNN) would like you believe that Republicans are cold-hearted heathens who deserve your wrath.

They would have you believe that not one Republican participated in the Congressional Baseball Game pre-game prayer Thursday and only the Democrats did, because they are holier than thou.

The truth is, both parties, Republicans and Democrats, gathered on 2nd base to pray for Congressman and Party Whip Steve Scalise before the game began. That's where Rep. Scalise was standing when he was shot.

Rep. Scalise is still in critical condition and needs your prayers.

The cold irony of this incident is that the shooter, James Hodgkinson, was an avid Bernie Sanders supporter during the campaign, and a Hillary Clinton supporter for the presidency. The left can't blame Trump for this one, but neither should the right blame either Sanders or Clinton--that's what they do.

Michelle Obama famously said, "When they go low, we go high." Of course that didn't work out at all for the left, but the words make sense. 

But back to CNN. 

CNN Politics reported the prayer scene as just "members of the Democratic team" praying. The jerks didn't correct their tweet despite hordes of Twitter users letting them know.

The Fox News tweet is a more accurate depiction of the field of players.

Trump supporters rightfully chanted "CNN sucks" at Trump rallies and reporting like this is the reason President Trump calls them FAKE NEWS. There appears to be no doubt that CNN is an arm of the Democratic Party and honest-minded people know it.

Fake News sucks, but more than that, it's dangerous. It pulls Americans further apart and has gotten us to a point where anger is our default position.

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