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Friday, June 16, 2017

Former CT co-ed faces 2 yrs on charges of lying about rape

Nikki Yovino, 19, a former student in Connecticut, is accused of faking rape allegations against two football players. She did it in order to gain sympathy from another man.

Yovino is facing two years in prison under a proposed plea bargain. The football players could have gotten around 20 years if they had somehow been wrongfully convicted.

Yovino, a former student at Sacred Heart University, would serve two years in prison and then three years of probation for second-degree falsely reporting an incident and tampering with or fabricating physical evidence, the Connecticut Post reported.

"I think the offer is a good one considering the serious allegations in the case," Superior Court Judge Earl Richards said Thursday, as the case will continue June 26.

The attorney for the former football players said he will contact his clients to discuss the proposed deal. They left the school rather than be expelled.

The two football players admitted having sex with Yovino, but say that it was consensual.

"This has just been a nightmare for them," attorney Augustin Sevillano said.

Yovino was charged in February and admitted she made up the accusations to try to get sympathy from another man she wanted as a prospective boyfriend.

Police said she told them on October 15th that she attended a Sacred Heart football club party and claimed two men took her into a bathroom and sexually assaulted her.

"I don't want to be in here, I don't want to do anything," she claimed to have said to the men. "My friends are waiting for me outside, let me go outside."

Witnesses told police that it appeared she went into the bathroom willingly with the footballers. 

Yovino thought that by being raped, the other guy would feel sympathy for her and want to be her boyfriend.

Is nothing sacred?