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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Racist professor wants [expletive] black people to be left for dead

A Hartford, Ct. sociology professor labeled black people "inhuman a**holes" and endorsed the idea that first responders should have allowed Rep. John Lewis (D- Ga.) to die when he was attacked years ago at a civil rights rally along with others who marched with him.

Hartford College's John E. Wilkinson III posted the hashtag "LetThem[f***ers] Die" below and emotional message on Facebook directed at black people.

His Facebook account has since been locked but this was captured on it: "It is past time for the newly oppressed white man to do what people who believe themselves to be 'black' will not do--put end to the vectors of their destructive mythology of blackness and their black power oppressive system."

The angry old white professor said that he's "fed the [f***] up with self-identified black's daily violence directed at every group not black nor Christian. "The time is now to confront these inhuman [f***ers] and end this now."

It is not known whether Professor Wilkinson owns a firearm but we pray that he doesn't.

Wilkinson then linked a story from "Caucasian" which offers a list of instances in which black people should be left for dead because of the violence being perpetrated by such groups as Black Lives Matter.

Referring to blacks Wilkinson said, "If you see them drowning, if you see them in a burning building . . . if they are in a park and they turn their weapons on each other, do nothing."

"Let them [f***ing] die."


Sorry, I had the names and the race of the professor wrong. I even got the name of the school wrong--it was Trinity College and the professor is a black man named John Eric Williams. 

And he wasn't talking about John Lewis being left to die, he was talking about Rep. Steve Scalise and the other white congressmen who were shot.

Chee! How'd that one get past me?

Well, as it happens, Trinity President Joanne Berger-Sweeney issued a statement on the racist professor's statement saying "I denounce hate speech in all its forms. I will explore all options to resolve this matter, and I will be back in touch with our community members with our decisions."

This is going to be a tough call for the school's president. After all, it was a black man saying hateful things about white people. 

But of course, to save his job, Williams issued a statement to local TV (NBC Connecticut) writing:
It is evident to anyone who carefully reads my posts on Facebook and Twitter that I did not call for the death of all self-identified 'whites.' I merely attached the hashtag to my post derived from a blog article written by Son of Baldwin entitled "Let Them All -----Die.' This was an admittedly provocative move to get readers to pay attention to my reasoned, reasonable, and yes angry argument. ... I posted my comments on social media to draw the attention of the readers to the current dire state of white supremacy in the nation. 
So don't believe your lying eyes when you read what he wrote. He was just making a point. "Let them [f***ing] die" simply means "Let them eat cake."
White privilege 

But seriously, if indeed those racist statements were made by supremacist 'whities,' they wouldn't be so supreme after all. 

Nobody should get a free pass to be a disgusting racist because racial injustice was done to them--it cannot be excused and it sucks no matter who's guilty of it.

The fact that Williams is teaching young people and impressing them with his hateful ideology of anti-white racism, should qualify him for finding work elsewhere. 

Maybe he could work for Rev. Al Sharptongue.