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Thursday, June 22, 2017

CNN looks like a puppy died before their eyes

According to Certainly Not News (CNN), the Georgia election between Jon Ossoff and Karen Handel was a referendum on President Trump. Of course, they said this before the election results were in.

The election results are in.

Well, it looks as if the country still stands with Trump and rejects the Democrats now that the GOP 'Handeled' them and beat their Ossoff.

The photo header sums up how CNN weathered the loss. You would think each one of them lost a beloved family member or saw a puppy die.

Just as CNN was about to cut to a break in the election coverage, the internet caught Mark Preston, their politics editor, as well as political analyst Gloria Borger, political director David Chalian and so-called reporter Dana Bash looking as if they wanted to commit suicide.

Blogs like this one are sharing the photo for your viewing pleasure.

The Republicans are now 5 - 0 in special elections.

Thank you Obama and Hillary .  .  .  you worked your magic.