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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Joe Biden: still sleazy after all these years

Uncle Joe Biden knows a thing or two about grabbing an unsolicited smooch and touch from unsuspecting women and girls. He has a long history of sleazy behavior.

Everyone loves Uncle Joe, except his victims and those who think he's a pervert and others who think he's kind of an idiot.

Joe's latest attack happened Wednesday at Morgan State University when a young black woman posted a video on Instagram from her college graduation.

The video begins with the woman and the former vice president (no, not that kind of vice) smiling into the camera. Then out of nowhere, Biden embraces her cheek without her consent. 

When she realizes what's going on, she lets out an incoherent scream and then pulls away in terror.

Biden was the commencement speaker at the university where he scours the campus in search of a squeeze or an 'innocent' tweak.

Enjoy the video if you can deal with an American vice president acting like the guy in an alley with the raincoat.