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Friday, June 23, 2017

Person charged with giving top-secret docs to China.

Alleged human excrement
A Virginia traitor, Kevin Patrick Mallory, 60, was arrested Thursday at his home in Leesburg, Virginia. He has been charged with espionage for transmitting top-secret documents to Chinese officials.

The scum wafer is to appear in U.S. District Court in Alexandria.

Mallory is a self-employed consultant, a US Army veteran and a POS. The charges involve gathering or delivering defense information to aid a foreign government and for making material false statements under the federal Espionage Act, something that Hillary Clinton was able to get away with based on her political connections.

Malloryis fluent in Mandarin and traveled to Shanghai in April. He was caught with $16,500 in his carry-on bags when he returned to O'Hare International Airport. He failed to declare the money.

In May, the FBI interviewed him and he admitted he met with two people from a Chinese think tank, whom he believed were Chinese intelligence agents. He told the FBI they gave him a special communications device for transmitting documents. 

He said in the affidavit that the only documents he transferred were two unclassified blacked out security classification documents that he had written on U.S. policy matters.

When the transmitted documents were analyzed, it showed that two of them were classified as "secret," and one of them was "top secret."

Court records indicate the alleged traitor worked as a special agent for the Diplomatic Security Service at the State Department. It is not yet known if Hillary Clinton was involved, but it isn't out of the realm of possibility.

If convicted, Mallory could face life in prison, and if certain conditions are met, even face the death penalty. But the chances of the latter being meted out are as likely as Hillary Clinton being tried and convicted of the same charge when she wittingly used a private email server to transmit and receive classified information (that went beyond "top secret" in the form of "Special Access Programs").

Let's wait and watch what happens in both cases.