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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Congressional Dems want $15 Min. wage but pay their interns bupkiss

(Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images)
Hypocrite: 1. a person who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that he or she does not actually possess, especially a person whose actions belie stated beliefs. 2. a person who feigns desirable or publicly approved attitude, especially one whose private life, opinions, or statements belie his or her public statements. (Dictionary.com)
Democratic members of Congress keep yelling about a fair wage, a fair $15 per hour wage by 2024. But these hypocrites have glaring income inequality issues in their own freaking offices.

Of the almost 190 members of Congress co-sponsoring the $15 minimum-wage legislation, the huge majority of them don't pay their interns a penny for their work. Only 10 of the co-sponsors of the bill offer their interns any wage whatsoever, and this is usually in the form of a stipend.
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True, minimum-wage jobs are not the same animal as an internship. In the former, people may be supporting families and have no skills to draw a larger salary. Also, with the former, the person earning minimum wage may be in high school or college and living at home. In this case, a minimum-wage job, say for example, working at McDonalds flipping burgers, isn't intended to do more than teach employment skills while earning some money in the process.

In the latter case, internships aren't permanent and usually aimed at students simply trying to put a few dollars in the bank to perhaps pay for their higher education.

But there's an issue about fairness in both instances.

Carlos Vera, founder of the bipartisan group, Pay Our Interns, said it's hypocritical for the Democrats to push for a $15 minimum wage to expect their own interns to work for bupkiss, zilch, nada, zero.

"I think it's important to practice what you preach and ensure that your values are aligning with your actions," he said.

What Vera is overlooking is that Democrats have few values and then only value what is in their own best interests. 

Votes, baby, votes.

Example: Rep. Keith Ellison tweeted that "Americans deserve nothing less" than $15 an hour. He also said that the increased hourly wage "isn't too much to ask from corporations booking huge profits."

When Ellison's offices was asked whether it's too much to ask Congress to pay interns, the Sharia advocate's office went dark.

In May, Rep. Nancy Pelosi and her hands said that if Democrats took back the House in 2018, "in the first 100 hours we will pass a $15 minimum wage."

Sen. Chuck Schumer said that and his nostrils will "continue fighting tooth and nail" and nostrils, to impose the minimum-wage increase on businesses [who will likely respond by raising prices, lower hiring, or both.]

When the campaigns of these hypocrites were reached out to by Heat Street, about how they reconciled unpaid internships with their demands for a $15-an-hour pay, they too fell into a black hole, not to be heard from again.
(Photo: Scott Eisen/Getty Images)

Sen. Bernie "Wall Schtreet" Sanders is the only Raise the Wage co-sponsor who pays his interns an hourly $12 rate. In spite of his hypocrisy of calling for a $15 minimum-wage, at least he's paying them something around the current minimum-wage. And in spite of paying less taxes than he's calling on others to pay, and owns three homes, he's the only one doing something for the socialists who intern for him.

Sen. Fauxcahontis Warren's website says interns "may be eligible to receive stipends from our office," but only if they're not receiving outside funding or academic credit for the internship.

What a scam.