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Sunday, May 21, 2017

There they go again Kim with another missile test

Well there they go again. North Korea fired another missile. This one was a medium-range ballistic number as they continue to push forward in developing a nuclear weapon and a missile that will transport it to our front lawns.

The missile was tracked by U.S. Pacific Command and said it landed at sea. No word yet on the condition of SpongeBob but fingers are crossed as Patrick prays for his safety.

According to the South Korean Office of Joint Chiefs of staff, the launch came from an area near Pukchang, in South Phyongan Province. It flew about 310 miles eastward.

[Fun Fact: Pukchang was where the first hockey pucks were forged.] 

The White House is aware of the ballistic missile launch and has done nothing about it, but officials traveling with the president in Saudi Arabia said the system, which was last tested in February, has a shorter range than North Korea's most recent test.

Now that North Korea knows that we know what they've done, I'm sure they're scared.

Last weekend North Korea tested a longer-range missile, which was a significant advance for their weapons program, experts say, and their aim is to have the capability to fire a nuclear-tipped missile that can strike the US soil and the people who walk on it.

The U.S. retaliated by cutting off North Korea's yo-yo supply along with other sanctions that have had the same effect as the one we are witnessing.

This past Friday, North Korea's deputy UN envoy, Kim In Ryong, said the country will continue to strengthen its nuclear program, "you Yankee imperialist dogs" as a necessary measure to counter U.S. aggression.

It sounds a little like the abusive husband who blames his battered wife for making him beat her.

U.S. Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis said Friday that North Korea is clearly not complying with pressure from the international community causing Captain Obvious to blush with jealousy.